'09 wr125 engine problems

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  1. i think the oil light is stoping it from starting ?

    im not sure if its the oil light at fault coming on when it's not needed due to the yzf wiring with the wr wiring like you said or if it is act ************ed .
    gunna get it down to the garage that fitted the engine and take it from there .

    thanks for your help mate .

  2. well , got her fixed . turned out to be a loose cable in the ignition . striped it down and wd 40'd all the connectors in the ingnition barrel and it is working fine again .
  3. Connell69

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    Ah well done mate least its sorted now and saved youself some money ay
  4. azz2693

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    glad you got is sorted mate, one thing i have learnt is that your bikes have a system that tells you you need to change the oil :S as its got the same engine as the r125 im sure the wiring loom is pretty simmilar too, i know on the r125 if the oil warning lights starts to flash it tells you something is wrong, it will doo something like 3 long flashes and 2 small or something completly different depending on the error. ill have a look through the wr125 worshop manual to see if its the same and if so you could have used this to find it was and ignition error,

    with the r125 it has an anti hot wire system that means the ignition has to be in the on possition to start, even if you hot wire the ignition so the dash and everything comes one, itll crank over but wont start up and will just flash the engine warning light at you, found this out the hard way with my remote start on my alram :rolleyes:

    glad you got it sorted though mate :)
  5. azz2693

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    you do have the same sytem as the r125, self diagnostic stuff.

    page 316 in the workshop manual :) have a look if your not doing anything, can be interesting to know whats going on :D

  6. I know this may sound pretty dull but did the yzf r125 fit straight into the wr125x? As my wr125x need a new engine and all that's about is the yzf r125 engines, the reason I ask is bcos some people say the frames are different so mounting may be different!

    Cheers !

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