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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by chris4632, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. chris4632

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    alright guys im after an alarm for my bike bit stuck on what to get plus im abit low on money, just want to know what you guys have got and how much it cost?.
    also where is the best place for it to be fitted i had mine in the tail and there wasnt alot of space and wireing it was a pain is there anywhere else it could be fitted ?
    the one i had which iv ripped out now was a hawk alarm wasnt very good even when it did work!.

    cheers chris.
  2. Caspa

    Caspa Member

    I've got a Datatool, works very well after I made a few adjustments to the settings... Got it new from the dealer when I bought the bike, think it was about £200-£250 or so... Havent a clue where all the bits and bobs for it go though! :?

    Chelseaboy has got a Meta... But it did stop working when we was on the rideout after the Ace! :shock: This resulted in him having to wait in the rian for the RAC to come and sort him out, think they took 45mins or so!!! :lol:
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  3. chelseaboy

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    FUNK THAT! The battery died in the fob. Its my fault, I had a feeling it was going the day before and didnt change it. I didnt wait for the RAC and just left parked up my bike, walked home, got the other fob and rode her back. I wouldnt bother with an alarm, useless! I just got it free with my bike. Disclocks do the same job and at a 1/4 the price.
  4. Caspa

    Caspa Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Sorry mate, couldnt resist!!! :p

    In terms of disclocks, I'd say look at the Xena range... They have some beauties...
  5. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    If you do want to get an alarm, get a DataTool S4 or better! Peace of mind guaranteed in a lot of situations. It's bloody loud, and will wake the dead at night! Believe it. Personal experience. It's no pipsqueak. Like our Friendly Neighbourhood Ghost, I got the DataTool S4 installed on my R125 before I took delivery.
    And I use a Xena disc lock too! XN14 - fits under the R125 seat, and will scream blue murder if any thieving chav so much as looks at your bike!
    It's very good too.
    An alarm on the bike, Xena Disc lock AND ground anchor + mega chain for home, are the way to go.
    My R125's even DataTagged too!
    It's been sniffed at least once by bike thieves. They took a quick look, and walked away. Actually, hurried exit. That was over a year ago.
    It simply wasn't worth the hassle! :)
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  7. Fisher

    Fisher Member

    Do the disk locks go off when they sense movement?
    As in, if someone picked the bike up, would it start screaming?
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  8. DW.

    DW. Member

    If you touch it it will go off.
  9. Fisher

    Fisher Member

    Rain, Wind? Cat sniffing it?
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  10. tonyscott1

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  11. Henal

    Henal Member

    Cyclone alarm v2 amazing for the price and very easy to install

  12. you will not be dissipointed very good choice i have one fitted on my varadera as well
  13. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    I have a datatool s4 on my from new still going I'm just learning the software function now so I can change all the setting my self without The need for a dealer
  14. gweglez

    gweglez Member

    The only thing with disk locks I've found is that if it's windy and you have a cover on it will set it off, and. That's my insensitive hein gericke brand lock. A xena would probably go off if you looked at the thing funyn

  15. ************ all the expensive alarm systems , what is the point of paying £30-£160 for it ? I've got mine for something like £10. It's brand new with 2 remote controllers, i've had it for 4 months and it works perfectly fine.
  16. Gunner

    Gunner Member

    i thought about an alarm system! but as said before they are rather pricey and im never that far from my bike, if its not locked in the garage at home its locked in a compound near my work offices, i've bought an Oxford Omega disc lock, no alarm on it but its a beast of a disc lock! need to remember to use the lock reminder cable though, almost set off without taking it off the other day :/
  17. gweglez

    gweglez Member

    Set a reminder for the reminder cable? ;)
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  18. gweglez

    gweglez Member

    The only thing that would be better the. A xena disc lock, is two xena disc locks!

  19. Hi guys!
    Im new to the forum and 7 days ago completed my CBT.
    I took my Yamaha 2008 red on finance and security is priority for me as its going to be standing wide open in front of the house.
    i buyed these things can you tell me if i can fell 99% secure with this? double :)
    all of all it costed me like 70 pounds
    i think its going to be very secure but i wanna hear if this is too much did i over react ?
    i mean this motorbike is my life i love to ride and would probably die from someone stealing it ;)
    so what say you ?

  20. Perfect ... but 2 disc lockers and a chain ... they are a bit heavy arent they so you wont have them with you at all the time (useless)>You have alarm system with immobiliser and you decided to get disc lockers with alarm system. (useless)
    I have 2 disc lockers (1 with alarm),chain and alarm system. I dont use use the chain and barely use 1 of the disc lockers and the alarm system.

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