Anyone From Northwest ?

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by #199, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Anyone around north west Manchester ?
    New to the site , be great to meet up with people for a ride

  2. Im from liverpool, got a couple friends down here with WR125s and some in warrington with supermotos aswell, could arrange something some time?

  3. Sounds good to me , when are use usually free?

  4. Depends, most evenings as most of them work but could sort something out, are you a safe biker or a lets ************ ************ up type? we like to ************ ************ up

  5. Forgot about swear words,

    Safe Biker or madness biker haha

  6. Haha Erm id say I'm safe/ mad only had the bike couple of weeks so once I've got fully used to it then its a different story ha

  7. Happy days then haha

  8. Where use usually go for a ride ?

  9. Depends whos coming out pal, few lads from warrington go to rivington, not sure what its like there coz I never been but they go to car cruizes aswell

  10. Okok sound, we will have to get something sorted soon ... Be a laugh to just to get a convoy of r125s haha

  11. Yehh will be decent like, my wr aint on the road yet but will be soon enough

  12. Sound , give us a message when the beast is up and running

  13. im near ashton bud and always out at weekends where you located

  14. Usually around Stockport mate so not far atall , who you ride with

  15. me and my bro mines the black one and my bros is the blue one in my profile pic what you riding bud?

  16. Sounds good and both nice bikes , hopefully picking up my new yzf in couple weeks

  17. Sweet would defo be up for a ride out sometime

  18. Yes deffo , where you usually go for a ride?

  19. All over round buxton chesterfield sometimes hit the road to chester then on to north wales.
    Over the woodhead and snake pass or up passed dove stones towards huddesfield all over really

  20. Sounds good ! Pm me with your number and ill give you a text when I pick up my bike

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