Anyone In The West Yorkshire Area?

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by TheOnlyRhodes, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. I live in Keighley Which is between Bradford & Skipton

    Anyone in the area wanna meet up and go for a ride?

  2. i live in beeston Leeds need to plan ahead though as i need to book time off work month in advance

  3. When would be your next day off? I work in leeds so i have no problem getting over there

  4. this week i have Tuesday Wednesday off i think still waiting on shifts where would we go if we did meet

  5. Do you have skype would be easyer to talk on their. If you do add me: XblRhodes

  6. Just registered here. I live near pontefract. I'm up for a ride out one weekend. I'm away in Spain from 17th to the 25th this month tho

  7. nice to meet you mate i live in beeston close to 15 mile from ponty. What you got x,r,yzf done any mods, any good places to ride near you, have fun in Spain should meet up after you get back

  8. Yea I know Beeston. Got the yzf r125. Picked it up Thursday just gone. Got scorpion exhaust and tail tidy so far. Some good back roads to ride near me yea. You know the milkbar in Sherburn?

  9. not really mate don't go that direction often think furthest ive been towards you is xscape

  10. It's probably about same mileage to milkbar tbh lol when I get bk from Spain I'll meet you at big sainsbury at cotton n show you where it is

  11. Edit: colton
  12. Jake1991

    Jake1991 Member

    Hey all..

    I'm from Bradford just got a wr125x 2 weeks ago and just signed up here now lol

    If anyone wants to meet up and go for a ride I'd be down for that just hit me up

  13. yeah man im down for a ride any time it's nice. I have 2 weeks off work soon so just post a message on here and will go for a ride

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