Bank Holiday weekend !

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by Bjtfly, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Hi every 1,

    im really struggling to find people up here near newcastle other than 1 of my mates and kev :) now...

    im planning on spendin 1 of the days this august bank holliday weekend having a rideout from newcastle to keswick (or lake district in general) now this may be an oppourtunity for any1 in north yorkshire county durham even so far as the west coast areas manchester way etc to have a meet up.

    the plan is for me to take the A69 to hexham and then the fun starts as i plan on taking the famous bikers route through alston and the heartside pass (stopping at the heartside cafe ofcourse)

    now it would be great to either meet poeple here and ride over there or even meet over there aswell as en-route aswell as those roads are just awesome.

    its about 100 miles each way for me so im probably doing a early morning departure to get to the lakes with plenty of time to explore and then home before it gets dark !! so just a 1 day trip.

    any1 interested let me know .... would be a great advantage to put names to faces and bikes any1, any bikes welcome however any 50cc scooters be prepared to play catch up and have bikers laugh at you (only know because i took my 50cc last year and it was Dire !)

    Cheers !
  2. chelseaboy

    chelseaboy Guest

    I'll be up in the end of Sep mate. But thats the earliest

  3. cool welll let me know when ur up and about cos im out nearly every weekend weather i pop over to the lakes upto kielder carlilse or even the northumberland coastal route so if your over that way no doubt we can meet as i have a m8 with a r125 but dnt think hes joined the forum yet and also hes convinced 1 of his mates to buy 1 aswell not to mention the 2009 reg red and black 1 kicking round mine lately, hopefully get him onboard unless hes a total drip lol

  4. I may be up for this meet unsure yet as i dont no when the scottish meet is happening. Carlisle is around 45miles south of me as im just over the border in south west scotland so depending on mileage and dates i am a possible
  5. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    Im affaid ill be working bank hols so wont be able to make it. Careful thou on bank hols, the traffic and driving skills of some folk are very questionable, and stay off the military road, something always happens there!
  6. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Cadwell Park for me, second visit from British Superbikes, they are all ways spectacular round there.

  7. same . . . hopefully
    just depeds on my state after leedsfest as i will have to go straight from one to the other :O
  8. akaDan

    akaDan Member

    Jealousy. I'm in the poor house big time lately :lol:

    Only time I get to go to Cadwell is when I'm spectating mates on track days :(

    Give me Cadwell over Brands any day ;)

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