Bike Stays On With No Keys But Goes Of When I Move Handle Bars???

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Reece Wallace, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Please help??

    I have a WR 125 x Supermoto, The bike has been running fine.
    However I went out to it this morning and put the key in to start it and the battery was flat!
    So i bump started it with no problem and let the battery regain life,
    when I turned the bike of i noticed the Neutral light stayed on and so did the lights.

    When i move the bars however it goes of and comes on ?

    any ideas what to do ?

  2. Seems like you have a broken wire or solder joint on the ignition switch. When you move the handlebar you'll be pushing and pulling the broken part in and out of contact with the other half of the wire.

    I've known solder joints fail on ignition switches before, one broke on a brand new one after if had been fitted for ten minutes...

    You'll need to have a good look at the wiring around the ignition switch, that means moving the bars out of the way, and probably removing the top yoke off the forks and steering stem so you can see the underside of the switch.
    If you have a multimeter then you can check the switch by testing the continuity of each pair of wires in the switch's connector plug. You'll have to take the fuel tank off to get to the connector, but if the switch is faulty you'd have to do that anyway, so you can repair or replace the ignition switch.

  3. Another thing, is to check to see if someone has tried to force the ignition switch or hotwire your bike. That would also cause problems and maybe drain the battery.

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