Breaking wr125x

Discussion in 'For sale' started by braziert, May 17, 2011.

  1. I am breaking my Written off wr125x I know all body panels are knackered Same as the handle bars frame and rad near enough everything else is salvageable message me if u wanna know about any part garenteed cheaper then eBay :)

  2. frame number(if on black and silver little plate), reg plate, v5 log book? only if cheap though?

  3. i have the log book mate and i am lookin around the 1500 quid mark for the bike in full as it is i have the v5 just waiting for it to come back from my insurence company and ill pm u ther frame number

  4. Hi mate just got a wr and need a few parts.
    Ignition Barrel and key
    Back light cluster
    can you help thankyou very much.

  5. Hi there. I'm looking for a stator (alternator). Is/was yours in good working order? Cheers.. Graham

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