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  1. im thinking of buying a 13 plate rieju marathon 125.the bike was stolen but was found and returned to its owner.the bike had its clocks removed along with a few more parts.the bike apart from clocks the bike has been almost restored to its original condition.i can buy the bike for a £1,000 which i think is good value (what do others think?)where could i purchase original clocks and are they expensive,and are there any aftermarket clocks that are equally has good.
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    The rieju is a great little bike, lighter than the yamaha wr and with a carb instead of the wr's fi, making it cheaper and easier to get more power out of the engine. If i wasn't so tall i would have gone for the smaller rieju. You can buy the clocks new from reju at a price, part no1 here Pretty expensive, but if you can get the bike for £1.000 and it only needs the clocks for £111.18, then it still sounds like a good deal. As long as the mileage isn't too high though. The performance in my minerelli engined wr125r seemed to start dropping off at around the 28000 to 30000 miles mark.

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