Custom R125 Led Head Lights

Discussion in 'For sale' started by g3ndu, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Hey its been a long time since i posted something on here lol.

    hope every one doing well. People who dont know me check out my blog G3NDU (LINK BELOW)

    Right i just get straight to the point,

    I have started up a company that deals with custom led headlights

    we take your headlights and in 2 weeks can transform your old stock headlights into something unique to your bike.

    we deal with
    Halo rings (angel eyes), custom led (r8 style lights), STI HID Xenon lamps and much more the design of the lights come solely down to you and we can make that for you.

    Prices start from ₤100

    if there is a group buy involved then we can sort sort something out for you guys/gals no worries as i got so much from this forum and made many friends id like to do something back for the newbies and regular lot.

    Email me on if your interested and if i get a big reply then i consider doing the group buys for you lot (of course being cheaper)

    thank you and look forward to hearing from you

    Mojo - G3NDU
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    Not sure I want this Myself but plese get some pics of yours!
  3. g3ndu

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    check the dp , this site has never allowed me to post pics up lolll to big apparently
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    I wanna see proper pics though mate!
  5. L-J-P

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    Upload them to photo bucket or send them to me
    Good to see you back though fella!

  6. How much would u charge to make a set woth a black backing, blue halos, 8000k hids, with some leds to boot? Delivered?
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  8. how much for halos mate?
  9. g3ndu

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    Instant police attention grabber. Angel eyes are illegal.

    Not sure about the law on them LED's but who wants to look like Paris Hiltons handbag? :confused:
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  11. I'm thinking about getting some Halos done, are you still doing them and if so how much and where are you based?

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