Does anyone else own the Yamaha yzf r125 rossi replica?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by mattbravo, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Ive recently bought the r125 rossi replica, firstly what a superb bike, its my pride and joy and attracts a fair bit of attention, however i am yet to see another rossi replica, are they that common? did everyone else buy the standard r125? :)
  2. kennyyzf

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    Hi matt. Not seen many people on here with a rossi rep. I was offered one when I got mine but it was a extra 400 pounds for it. And I ain't willing to do that for different decals. It's not any different of a bike to the other colour scemes. Just a different colour lol.

    I'm actually in the process of getting custom Valentino rossi replica decals made up for my bike and the guy is making me the whole set for 30 pounds. Good deal or what.

    But yeh the rossi rep is a very good looking bike.
  3. jamieb7109

    jamieb7109 Member

    HI there i own a rossi rep, i havent seen any round my area either
  4. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    Yeah I know of about 4 or 5 in my area x

  5. ok well im 23, passed my CBT in may, went and bought the Yamaha yzf-r125 rossi replica, i live in Bristol, southwest of England, I love country rides and long distance rides, was thinking of taking part in the warwickshire meet up for all the yamaha owners for a world record attempt, however im restricted from using motorways due to only having a CBT so getting there will be a problem, its about 83 miles away.

  6. I have a Rossi Rep as well, also brought in May and also from Bristol. :D

    I'm yet to see another Rossi Rep on my travels though............................

  7. hi all

    i have the rossi rep with double bubble screen , scropian race can , racing back seat , yellow tape on wheels and tail tidy i all so have fiat leathers ,
    i went to watch the north west 200 last month and every one was taking pics off the bike .

    i just took my l pates off as its only a 30 pound fine if stopped

  8. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Put them back on, and be sensible please, it may be £30 for the first offence, but trust me, if you repeat offend on this, it becomes a lot more.

    Other than that, nice bike, you live in Northern Ireland? The NW looked stunning on the telly, and the pictures and tale my mate brought back were equally inspirational.

  9. if i get stopped i will pall but they have been off for 12months now

    plus i start my dircet asscess on 21st june and dont think il have chance to ride my bike before then pall

    cheers for carein tho pall

  10. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    Boom wrong. It's 3 points per l plate. If the police catch you then your ************ed. 6 points equals ban. Bye bye bike. Bye bye license.

    And it doesn't matter how long you have had them off. All it takes is for you to look at the police the wrong way and that's it. I know that because I hadn't been stopped for over a year of riding. One night going home the police stopped me for no bloody reason.

    It's a chance you take. Hopefully you don't get pulled before your test.

  11. sorry no pall live near ipswich south east

    we ride up from here to liverpool and got the ferry over to ireland ,

    the nothwest well worth a visit ,

  12. no it not points as the wifes brothers a traffic cop just get a tellin off, how ever if you get caught on the motor way they will either escort you off or you will have to pay there recovery fee,s £120 just for the call out ,

    i wouldn.t do it if they would sting me
  13. kennyyzf

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    Well it must be a different law in England because I have been told that it is 3 points per l plate and a fine. Something I honestly don't want to chance.

  14. far one well tell you what if i do get time to take the bike out il put the L plates on then we are all happy then

  15. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    it honestly doesnt bother me what you do mate. if you want to keep them off then its upto you. im just saying. ill admit i ride with a rear l plate but not one on the front. i however carry one for the front in my bag all the time. so if i do get stopped av got one at hand.
  16. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Some of that is the discretion of the officer dealing in my opinion, because if you check the RTA it's counted as 'driving whilst otherwise in accordance with a licence', 3 points, £60 fixed penalty, and bike impounded if they really don't like your attitude, and decide to play it exactly to the letter.

    Good luck with the DAS, how many miles you ridden so far on your R125?

    P.S. Please don't call me pall.
  17. chelseaboy

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    Nice looking rossi mate. Got the 09 black myself.

    Have you had lessons? Or are you just going straight for you DAS.

    With the whole L plate malarky (that just wont stop coming up on this forum!), do what you want mate. I'm sure you know the risk. But that is interesting to hear, what I was told when I was pulled was that Yorkshire traffic police had been drilled to give you 3 points and a £30 fine, but if your a burke they will give you a £60 fine, one for each.

    I was also told that if your wearing race tint visors on a sunny day you are very unlikely to get pulled, but it has led to, in the past, problems with insurance companies paying out.

  18. hi all

    iv done 4000 miles on the 125 . im staight on the das on monday got four hours training monday morning then the same tuesday then mod one test wednesday and if i pass that il have two more sessions the the next test

    so wish me luck
  19. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Good luck with that, what's the plan after passing DAS?

  20. just felt the need to say, as much as i am a fan of the yamaha brand, i am also 100% backing up and enforcing through the medium of messages on the forum the importance of protection, i see many riders out on the road, riding with a t-shirt on and shorts and the first thing that comes into my mind is ************, now the only rule when it comes to protection when riding a motorcycle is you have to wear a helmet, i personally think you should have to have adiquate clothing, gloves are a must, if you come off you can bet your hands will be the first thing to meet that gravely cheese grater, personally and everything i have expressed is my personal opinion, i like to wear as much protection as possible regardless of how hot cold it is etc, you can buy leathers and fabricated clothing so the options are there, besides i think rides who wear the full gear look great dont you? they look the complete part, also the use of L plates are important, try not to think that the L plates belittle you or make you look "uncool" they dont, they are there to let other road users know that your new to the road or the vehicle your riding/driving, with those L plates on other road users may show a little more consideration towards you whereas if you did not have them on they would assume your an experianced rider, they could pull out in front of you, now if your a new rider with little experiance a situation like that may startle you and an accident could happen, however being an experianced rider in the same position you would deal with the problem more effectivly, just my opinion feel free to agree or disagree, stay safe all, and keep it silver side up :)
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