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Discussion in 'Blog' started by D-R125, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    Passed a little while back and within two weeks I upgraded.
    Been loving the power increase. Has alot of torque! Wheelies are effortless!

    Here are some pic's - Defo need to get more as these are from only when I first got it. Weather has been horrible tho.

    First Bought:
    CameraZOOM-20121031151744899 copy.jpg

    PhotoGrid_1352809516980 copy.jpg

    New Front Fender:
    CameraZOOM-20121103100828257 copy.jpg CameraZOOM-20121103120451744 copy.jpg

    New Decal:
    CameraZOOM-20121115131000353 copy.jpg

    Mods List:
    7by5 num plate
    Tail Tidy
    Rim Tape
    Small Indicators
    Sump Guard
    Different Mirrors

    Next I will be getting new panel kit and custom decals then shortie levers and axle sliders.

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  2. looks loads better with the new front fender . what year is the bike ?
  3. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    hey dude! Thanks - I need to upload more pictures! Few more things done. Its a 55 plate :)
  4. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    Looks good, perfect bike for plenty of trick bits!
  5. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    Defo! Been hopping speed bumps, wheeling, and hopping kerbs etc. Great fun bike. Got some stuff in the post e.g. decals and new plastic's. Will put them on eventually no rush as its winter/cold now. Same goes to stunting! Too cold to lose it
  6. Alonso

    Alonso Member

    Congrats on the new bike! Aint been on here for a while...still got your number saved, when the weather gets better ill text you or pm you and go for a ride!
    Btw i bought that front tyre of you a while ago if you cant remember me :D
  7. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    I remember you dude! I don't know if I have your number I changed phones! Give me a text. What you riding now?

  8. looks sweet mate, what i fancy next lol
  9. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    DO IT! Great fun, the torque is amazing :D give's alot of bigger bikes a run for its money off light's etc pull's like a train
  10. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    How it looks now. I have bought new panels and a set of graphic's kit. Just waiting for the winter to go by to put them on! LOL Don't want to damage new panels haaha. Bag at rear will be coming off too

  11. Alonso

    Alonso Member

    How much are you paying for insurance?
  12. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    300 more than my r125. £1,200.

    Although they quoted me 990 for a renewal on my r125 but I gained a yr's no claim. INSURANCE PISSES ME OFF
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  13. insurance is a joke mate.

    I'l have to wait till June now before I can do my full test due to the new licensing laws... Then its either a DRZ400sm or a WR425Sm (or similar) lol
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  14. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    It is a joke. I'm just hoping with another years bonus and experience on a 'bigger bike' as they now call it. I can see some sort of benefit in insurance when I go to renewal next year. I will be 20 by then too.

    Before you know it I'll be able to get my baby!
  15. Wildkid

    Wildkid Member

    £450 fully comp for me :L
  16. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    I am 19. And live in east london. So yeah its not the best place to get insured. I turn 20 in march :(
  17. Wildkid

    Wildkid Member

    Just turned 19 and live in crawley haha... ;)
  18. Alonso

    Alonso Member

    is your drz restricted to 33bhp?
  19. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    In short reply...Yes. lol

    How about you?
  20. Alonso

    Alonso Member

    erm....yes, yes it is ;) ;) lol

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