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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Joelks91, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm 17 and looking to get a Yamaha YZF-R125 bike because it looks incredible, and the insurance is really cheap (or so I was told). I was going to insure my Dads old Skoda Felicia as a starter car but that came to around £4,125 insurance, which is ridiculous.

    And I did some Googling about insuring bikes and saw that it was somewhere around 15% of what a car would cost to insure. But anyway, here is my questions:

    1. Where is the best place to get bike insurance? I have tried Compare the Market but theirs came to about 2,750 - 3,500! I am 17, I have 0 years no claims, I don't even have my license yet. Roughly how much do you think it will be for me to insure the bike?
    2. What is the bikes max speed?
    3. Would I be able to drive the bike anywhere, accept on the motorway, with a provisional license?
    4. What modifications and biking gear would you recommend? I was thinking of getting a Scorpian exhaust or getting a Aprilia rsv millie 1000cc stubby exhaust.
    5. How much is it a month to run this bike, petrol etc.?
    6. I heard Gumtree was the best place to buy one of these bikes, but is there any other websites I can get good value for money? I live in the UK

    Any other info you think I should know, please do include it!


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    Hi and wecome to the forum.

    A lot of your questions have already been answered elsewhere. But here are a few answers.

    1 - get insurance at ebike (there are other companies but ebike is usually the cheapest. As for price, there's too many variables to give you even an estimate. (anywhere from £300 -£1300)
    2 - Indicated at 83ish as stock
    3 - Any road (unless signed otherwise) except motorways
    4 - Biking gear the best you can afford for the purpose you need (commuting v leisure). Mods start with tail tidy and remove pillion pegs.
    5 - excluding insurance it's about £25 to fill the tank.
    6 - if buying used than gumtree, ebay, autotrader all the same, just take someone with you who knows about bikes (also to stop you getting ripped off).
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    eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike


    eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike eBike
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    1. Common its been said a milllllion times, insurance is so subjective, SO many factors effect insurance pricing for where you live, to type of policy, to what security is on the bike.
    2. As said before about 83/84 but i could comfortably ride it at 70 as i have mechanical sympathy :( lol
    3. yes
    4. As said before, spend on gear as much as you can afford.I had a tail tidy (only for aesthetics) and a scopion can which i found a neccesity when coimmuting through London daily so dopey drivers would hear/see me.
    5. Think it was £16 for me to fill the tank that lasted a hell of a long time compared to my current bike which is also £16 to fll. Tax is like £16 for the year if you dont no already and insurance as mentioned before ^^. The bike will deff pay itself off if you use transport a lot or atleast the expenses to run it.
    6. Ive used gumtree for most of the bikes/cars ive bought. Try ebay. Again as said before take someone who no's about bikes, last thing you want to buy is an absolute dog
    If you have any other questions just ask but please use the search bar before.

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    Its amazing how many of us claim that an aftermarket exhaust is a "compulsory safety accessory". :p

    There is defo some truth in it. It works for me quite often with cars...

    ...But especially the Jeremy Kyle Mums 'n' Prams that travel in groups of three's, crossing the road without looking all because,
    • One's too busy lighting a fag,
    • Another's seeing how much taxpayers money is left in her purse,
    • And the last one is updating her status on Facebook!
    Well update your status to this b.i.t.ch! - I jus gt shizz scared innit? Woz crossin road n proper got fk'd up by sum dik n hiz really loud REMUS!

    Okay rant over now. - Exhaust noise is a necessity. End of. :cool:

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