Footle83 (me) Crash And Comeback :p

Discussion in 'Videos' started by R125 Steve, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    It has been a bloody long time since I posted on this website, but hello again :) So back in march I started motovlogging and in august me as well as a friend on our R125's crashed after a concertina of heavy braking cars in front. Now I am back on a new bike (Not R125) however I do miss the little guy. If you check out my channel there are some good videos on there, however if motovlogging isn't to your taste then my new videos are going to be mostly compilation and music videos. Hope you all enjoy :)

    And if you have any questions concerning maintenance and Upgrades/tuning on the R125, I did so much to it that I can help you out no problem ;)

    See ya later Guys

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