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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by dblencowe, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    The manual I dowloaded from the yamaha site says the 08 r125 uses premium unleaded petrol (gasoline). Just thought I would check here as I always thought premium was for older vehicles?

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    I use premium unleaded in mine, supposed to be more refined so that it runs smoother, on my last bike i thought it went a little better on the premium than normal unleaded. can't be 100% sure its worth a few extra penny's but what about 20p extra to fill ur tank just kept putting that in so not sure what its like on normal fuel. :D
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    I presume you're talking Premium Unleaded - as in Super Unleaded fuels, right?
    Examples would be BP Ultimate, and my personal favourite, Shell V-Power (Optimax).
    I use V-Power (Optimax) in my R125. All I can say from experience is that I do get a very clean burn from the engine. The engine also runs smoothly. Probably smoother than it would otherwise. There are advocates who would insist that using Premium Unleaded in an ordinary vehicle is a complete waste of money. I tend to disagree.

    My Mazda MX-3, though designed to run on Ordinary Unleaded fuel, runs much better on Optimax. I get better mileage, a smoother running engine and instant response from my accelerator pedal. And these fuels also prevent the formation of Carbon deposits inside the engine. This car can actually differentiate between Premium and Non-premium fuels. It is noticeable in its performance. I also used to have a 1988 Honda Accord 2.0i-16 which I acquired with 117,000+ miles on the clock. I ran it exclusively on Premium Fuels till the day I sold it with 148,000+ on the clock, still going strong. The engine never missed a beat.

    Hence, i'm using V-Power Optimax in my YZF-R125 right now.

  4. I use V Power in my bike, noticed a subtle difference when I started using it.

  5. I tried tesco momentum99 in my bike and noticed a considerable amount of difference.
    Mid range torque is improved and engine feels far smoother. I now use it in my cars to. As the extra mpg gained outways the extra cost per litre.

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