Hey, Meet And Ride Out In London

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by jordz, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. im from london, i was on r125 forum and met loads of people that are on going on ride outs and that, we will be going on one this friday evening because the weather will be good, does anyone want to come let me know

  2. were abouts in london dude???

  3. We go out every week, we would meet up in London usually graffiti tunnel then from there go to ace and chill out for a bit then once everyone has turned up we will go on a ride out wherever anyone wants to go, if your up for it send ur number and we will add you to outlet whatsapp group

  4. cool im always checking this so just hit up any info dude
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  5. I would be up for this, and future rides. Where do I ping my mob number?

  6. Send it on here and I'll add u on whatsapp and chat to u on there
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  7. 07747562667 :)

  8. Never added me bro?

  9. my bad, done nw

  10. Haha. No worries.

  11. add me too 07454224464

  12. Hows it going guys, i saw 2 threads about london ride outs in this forum so im just gonna reply to both. Feeling so lonely riding solo everyday, if there's another meet up anytime soon hit me up - 07855648755 thnx
  13. nur


    Hit me up, add me to the group if theres space
  14. nur


    Thats 07415111330

  15. Add me please:

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