Hi everybody¡

Discussion in 'Spain' started by vague125, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Hello people, my name is alex from spain, we have a forum too " http://www.clubyamahayzfr125.tk" ¡¡ Sorry for my bad english :)

    Pues eso, que tenemos tambien un foro en españa por si alguien quiere visitarlo, un saludo a todos¡ ;)

  2. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    Hola! Welcome to the forum Alex.
    Your English is just fine, better than my Spanish, and that's almost non existent!
    My best friend is Spanish :)
    You're always welcome here.

  3. Thank you very much ;) :D
  4. Caspa

    Caspa Member

    Hi mate, great to see people in other countries loving the R125 too!

    Welcome and safe riding... :cool:

  5. Thanks mate ;)
  6. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    Welcome to the forum my friend lovely to see people on here from different countries :D

  7. Thanks Mate :D
  8. yamyzfr125

    yamyzfr125 Member

    hello and wellcome

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