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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by VR46Teddy, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Hello I'm new to the group and just thought i would say hello :) I'm from cheshire aged 39 .
    Here is my pride and joy Fiat Rossi 2009 model I've had the bike for just under two years now hoping to book a direct access in the future but happy with just riding on a cbt at the min , although looking rough (had a low speed fall in the wet gutted that was last year , this year i have had another low speed yet again in the wet on a roundabout and bent the opposite side).
    Anyway I've decided to give it a good going over and freshen up once all bits have been fixed that is bent brake pedal and snapped brake lever and both boomerang panels cracked :mad: .
    I'm thinking of a carbon fibre wrap keeping with the same colours and adding crash bars lol and the obvious better tyres and a few other cosmetics mods like the duel light mod as i don't like having just one headlight on lol. once all this is done and I'm back on the road hopefully in the dry haha i might see some of you about . i am a Rossi fan with the bike the replica helmet and the replica leather jacket lol might look daft pulling up nxt to someone on an R1 with my gear on but everyone has to start somewher e lol.

    Anyway hello everyone :)
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  2. That's a nice bike mate
    That's a nice bike mate
    I am getting 1 exactly the same as that apart from it has black wheels. In fact, maybe you could help me? The bike I am buying has scratches on the fairings and I would like to get replacement stickers same as what is already on bike but I don't know where to get them from!
    Any idea?

  3. Hiya mate so sorry for the late reply I had trouble signing in throughout November and only just found your message in my emails.
    I'm ordering a new set from Amazon uk. They are around £70
    Kit adesivi decal stikers YAMAHA YZF R125 REPLICA MOTO GP FIAT (ability to customize the colors) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O92WN28/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_fRzvyb0MZ7690

    My bike does have black wheels they are just dirty haha. And the yellow rim tape is a couple of £ on eBay but came on the bike when I got it.
    If your getting the 2009 model such as this check everything ask the seller if had any probs with the fuel pump not priming as there was a problem with that model as I found out to my cost and had to replace it. Also upgrade the battery !!! And spark plugs you shouldn't really have many other probs. Check all wiring also. If you need panels eBay is full of them but mostly second hand with scratches on and if you find new panels they will cos an arm and a leg ha.
    Let me know how you get on mate.
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  4. Hi mate, I too have been having problems signing in but now I am back in again. I managed to get the replacement stickers off Amazon.co.uk but I haven't had a chance to put them on yet as my bike had to go into the garage cos wen I bought it, it wasn't running. The guy I bought it from told me it was probably the pistons that had blown but it turned out that whoever had it before him hadn't been putting oil in it and the engine was a complete mess with shards of metal the size of a finger nail in the bottom of engine. Luckily I managed to get a complete rebuilt engine from a yahama supplier on EBay and after having that fitted and new brakes, and other parts it is finally running!! All I need to do now is book my CBT and than I will be on the road.

  5. 16508684_10155116017443243_5734290400435567508_n.jpg
    Nice one !! sounds like you have had to spend a small fortune then but at least you have it back on the road now and can enjoy it :). Me on the other hand well i had a slip on oil last night on my way home from seeing my kids , fuming :mad: I've literaly just repaired the brake pedal for it to be bent again gutted, also I've managed to snap the handle bar bolt, my right mirror and indicator and snapped the rear seat cowling clean off .luckily i was going slow at the time and only have a small cut on my side from a piece of mirror that stuck in me could have been a lot worse hence why i always wear a leather jacket . I bought some nice levers from Ebay also last week think they go quite well with the colours , I need to now do a respray on damaged panels then hopefully be back on he road in march when my MOT is due also as my CBT runs out in april i will just retake that instead of going for full test as money is tight at the min :).
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  6. Sorry to here about ur accident mate, luckily u weren't too badly hurt. Hopefully all goes well in fixing ur bike up again and u will soon be back on the road. :)

    Btw, I like ur choice of levers too that u have in the photo. I have the same ones but mine are black with a red switch. :)

  7. Yeah think they add a nice touch although i need a new right hand one as its scratched now but it still works perfect so can live with it for now the handle bar bolt sheared off though so I've ordered a new one just need to get drill the old one out haha . only my pride is hurt which is good that can be fixed and a cut from the mirror I'm still walking thats the main thing. just as a thought what tires do you have on yours ? I've got continentals I've not found any reviews on them but i can tell you even on wet they are quite slippy I'm going to invest in some pirelli sport demons as a few people on here have rated them quite good . i mean no tires are really good in the wet but you need at least some confidence in grip don't ya :) . did you have a respray on your panels or do them yourself ? I'm considering vinyl wrap for personal preference as well as cost
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  8. Just looking on my invoice from garage and by the looks of it I have 2 diff brands of tyre fitted on my bike. 100/80- 17 52P CONTIGO and 130/70- 17 62H TL SPORT DEMON. Not sure which is which tho as I don't really know much about the numbers on tyres. Lol
    I haven't have my panels repaired yet as I am gonna wait until after my CBT cos than that way I can get panels and levers fitted at same time by a friend of mine and I won't have the expense of having to get a recovery service to take bike down to garage and bring back home again later. It's about £30 to get bike delivered to each location so I will be saving £60 if I just wait 'til after CBT.

  9. ahh right well the numbers mean ..... width 100mm x height 80 x 17" rim size which will be your front conti and the sport demon on rear with the corresponding numbers for that , yeah that makes sense about panels and levers , they are very easy to fit yourself though your friend will show you that and hopefully teach you some valuable bike maintenance because it will save you a fortune hehe . the only time i take mine to a garage is to have an MOT I've petty much done everything else myself it a very easy bike to work on and learn how to fix with the help of youtube videos I've found hehehe . i bet you can't wait now though
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