How To: Dual Head Light Conversion - SIMPLE!

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  1. LDJ


    so i had a look on the other thread regarding dual head light conversion, which made me think there must be an easier way with no cutting and pasting required..

    so i popped open the indicator/horn and light control, and had a little look inside - and discovered all id need to do was bridge the low beam to the main powersource in the switch so it would be perminatly on, then when you would flick to high beam the low beam would stay on, also your pass switch would still operate unlike in the other conversion thread, photos and instructions follow :ugeek:

    step one: grab your fav phillips screw driver, thats the one that looks like a (-¦-)


    undo these, the first one is longer than the second - im sure you wont get them mixed up.

    step two: once the screws are out its a simple case of pulling it apart and moving it out of the way


    then remove the 4 screws holding the switchs inplace


    step three: once removed becareful with the main lights switch, its easily popped apart and there is a tiny ball bearing inside which can be easily lost - speaking from experience and spending about 10mins routing about in the dust to find it, plus its uber fiddly to put back together grrrr


    now i found some old household wire, cut off a piece about 15mm long - kept it thin aswell, maybe only 8 strands thick - cover it in a thin bit of solder so its bendable, chop off any long bits not needed


    step four: once you have your bridge ready place it across the blue and green terminals, you may wish to use pliers to hold it inplace as its gunna get hot - then solder in the bridge


    unlike the photo, try not to pull the switch apart - as i said if you lose that ballbearing your going to add more time than needed doing this simple conversion.

    the whole mod should take you about 10mins if your prepared first, so once its all popped back together you will have low beam on its own, then high beam and low beam together - plus the pass trigger switch works aswell :mrgreen:

    let me know how you get on with this.

  2. pics wont load for me mate, but from what i read wont that leave the main beam on all the time?

    if its not on all the time and only the dip is on with main beam, what we are trying to do is have both lights on both times ie both dip on then both main beam on.
  3. LDJ


    why would you want both lights on the whole time, IE middle of the afternoon, be pointless - only time you ever need both is at night time anyway

    this way you have your low beam on during the day so people see you coming, and at night you can flick ur switch and have both on so u can see where your going, but up to you guys what you do, my way is just an easier way of having both lights on with out dismantling your panels and chopping wires

  4. You can lower the high beam, and have them both on at the same time as two main beams, which I think looks better, but the trade off is you lose your high beam.

  5. on the pass light and headlight switch picture i noticed you have a bent clutch arm and snapped the bobble it off the end, i had exactly the same thing happen to mine! haha and cba to replace it. nice idea for someone who wants um and have to admit they do look a lot better than just one. I may book my bike in at my work and have a conversion where two dip beams come on the you flick the full beam switch and both full beam comes on, all you need to do is rig up two double filament bulbs
  6. LDJ


    some dozy bint knocked my bike over a few days before i took the pix, waiting on the insurance people to deal with it
  7. LDJ


    hey there Jas,

    pics should load, might just take a while - main beam isnt on all the time, only low beam as normal. when you flick to high beam the bridge connection i made leaves the low beam on instead of cutting it off and making the main beam come on, so during the day you run about as normal with just low beam on and side lights, at night when u wanna see things you flick on the high beam which makes low beam high beam and side lights stay on :)

    and when coming towards another car u just flick the switch off to kill high beam and leave low beam on, just so you know you would fail your MOT if you dont have correctly working head lights, my way means ud pass the MOT :ugeek:

  8. Great work really well, but my pass light doesn't work lmao But i just flicj the high beam off or on :)
  9. LDJ


    oh! why doesnt your pass light work, does on mine - if you can undo my mod and see if it fixes the problem then check it again to make sure its not shorting out somewhere

  10. Just had a go at this but intercepted the power further back down the loom, just thought it was a little neater. Worked a treat!


  11. i have just attempted this and think ive knackerd up the full beam lol, i was putting it back together and they speedo + rev meter lights turned off turned it off at the keys then back on clocks worked no lights were working attempted to start it up couldnt get a spark left it for 5 mins and bumped it off all worked okay driving down the road and realised i had no lights on (baring in mind its dark now) turned lights to main beam and my dipped light came on turned it to dipped and no lights apart from my sidelights god knows what ive done.

  12. What did you do in the first place? i.e. cut wires, which looms, colours etc...?
  13. LDJ


    no wire cutting involved, its all there in the pictures :)

  14. ldj dude you have saved me a heap of testing . your light mod works great thankyou . BUT yes there is a but , but not with light mod but with gear indicator cant seem to get mine to work have tryed foggy,s way and my way ie wire testing etc but indicator will not learn. any ideas. mine is 2009 . my number is 07986655385 if you could give me a bell or give any onemy number that does know the wires i should be tapping into. been at this for 3 days . yamaha uk are are mindless .thanks mate . deano

  15. Hey LDJ ...... great 5 minute mod works a treat thanks man :mrgreen: Fitted 2 LED sidelights while i was there all sorted for night vision now :lol:
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  16. cheers LDJ... always wanted both my lights to cum on! think it luks much better!! gna give it a shot 2moro :D
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  17. do you recon this will void the warrenty but cause i would like to do it but i would not wnt too void the warrenty cheers guys
  18. Benji

    Benji Guest

    I would think this would void the warranty as you have moved the component outside of the specification with which it was supplied. According to the original poster, this modification only affects the lights when the high beam is being used, so is similar to the pass light, but you have still modified the component. My other concern would be, if there is a problem in the dark, if one headlight fuse blows, you can always flick the switch for the other beam, with this modification it is possible that both bulbs could fail at the same time.

  19. benji i was woundering with this mod what actual light is it bypassing is it so the standard light and the main beam are on constant or is it the the standard light and the other low beam aswell :S it confuses me because if the standard light is on and the same light on the otherside is on at the same time i wouldnt mind but if its the standard light and the main beam wouldnt be to good of an idea
  20. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    Yea tundoy it's the main beam and high beam that are on at all times. I got told by my dealer the first day I got the bike that it's actually illegal to have both the lights on :s. Don't know if he was telling the truth or not but he was the manager of the place. So this is why I'm not going anywhere near this mod.

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