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  1. Velofel South Africa The past Often the temptation to fight the past is really strong. Perhaps because you had unresolved clashes. Perhaps one (or both) of you have been deceived. Perhaps there are problems with an ex. To avoid this ugly confrontation, remember that the past is immutable. To look to the future it is necessary to let go of the past. I mean really leave it behind! 3. Jealousy The green-eyed monster is one of the most common pitfalls in a relationship. Maybe you're jealous because you think your man (or woman) is flirting with a colleague. Or think how nice the waitress is. Or the bartender. Jealousy is normal, but also easily avoidable. Remind yourself that your partner is with you because he chose you, because he or she wants to be there - not because he or she has to be there. 4. Sex Often in a relationship one of the two partners wants to have sex more often than the other. This can lead to any kind of quarrel in a relationship if you are not careful. If sex is a cause for constant struggle, the advice is to sit down and examine the underlying problems.The top 5 reasons for quarrel in a couple. Find out how to avoid them 5. Communication Most quarrels in a couple are caused by a break in communication. Effective relationships involve effective communication - which can also be difficult. So sit back and listen - really LISTEN - what your partner is saying, try to understand the real feelings and work together to be effective communicators. Are there words and phrases that can save a relationship or a marriage? It would seem so yes. Some words, some sentences constantly said can do much more than you can think. Here they are: Many of us tend to focus on the mistakes and faults of the partner. Instead, if you express appreciation for yours, you will make him feel better and loved. When a man knows what he is doing is welcome, he will do it even more. But try to be specific about the quality you appreciate it for and you are grateful.

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