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  1. Master Keto RX Another one-time meal improves memory, sleep and the cardiovascular system. IN THE TOPIC How a Ukrainian woman lost 40 kilograms and built a business on a slim body: a real story The beauty of such a diet is that you won’t fall for some forbidden high-calorie product, because you can eat everything in principle. These conclusions were made after observing the body of a person sitting on such a diet. Note that the study participants were mostly men. The female body has its own characteristics associated with hormonal cycles and essential nutrients. Minuses When you eat only once a day, attacks of hunger, irritability, fatigue, weakness will appear. Sometimes it's hard to focus on something. There is a risk that the level of bad cholesterol in the body will increase. IN THE TOPIC What is a volumetric diet: eat a lot and lose weight Such a diet is completely unacceptable for those who have diabetes or low blood sugar, there are problems with the thyroid gland. This diet can have an unpleasant side effect - compulsive overeating. This is when a person is already full, but continues to eat a lot. Such an eating disorder can lead to the fact that all this short-term fasting will be completely meaningless. IN THE TOPIC What is a 5: 2 diet or how to lose weight while relaxing So before you deprive yourself of breakfast, lunch or dinner, think well, but is a slender body worth it? The famous American nutritionist Rachel Nazaryan is sure that the secret of youth and beautiful skin is not in nutrition or procedures, but in drinking. So, today we are telling a unique diet of an American nutritionist about how to drink and eat properly to prevent wrinkles. The best part about this drinking diet is that it’s not just ephemeral advice, but a whole food system that is scheduled every day. So, Rachel made up a whole drinking menu.


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