I Love This Road!

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Murcuseo, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Due to the brilliant weather up in Scotland I've been getting to grips with getting my @rse out the seat and actually trying to lean in to the corners.

    I sat my CBT at the end of August so have little experience with how to really handle a bike in decent weather.

    I found a road not too far away from where I live and have fallen in love with its corners, undulations and surface. Is it odd to feel like that about some tarmac?

    Port Glasgow Road on to Kilmacolm Road

    I imagine that's how people who ride on the TT circuit feel.

    From A to B, round the roundabout and back again.

    'Could do it all day, every day.

    What about you chaps? Do you have a road you always go back to?

    If so, lets see it. ;)
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    theres a nice bit of short road next to ace cafe that i usually go every friday night, 3huge roundabouts and a strip of very wide road inbetween with a nice long bend... at the ace i think they refer to this industrial area as the 'track' friday nights its always full of bikes

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