Kamas Dofus Retro Immunity

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  1. From vitality, but also level 150 to degree 180: Consistently damage and Kamas Dofus Retro immunity, this is the goal and it is rather respected.

    From energy, but also degree 150 to degree 180: Always more harm and resistance, this really is the goal we set ourselves, and it is quite admired.

    From degree 195 to par 200! You did this! The long-awaited degree! Stuffs exist in the 200 level, depending on what you wish to do. PvM 1v1, PvP Multi, if as Service Heal or a Damager Trader, you may find your shoe. We make the choice here to offer you a very practical material in PvM, while using the basics necessary to allow you to exploit unique choices of Dofus.If you are missing and you do not know where to turn, you can follow our manual up to level 100, or the survival manual up to par 200. Finally, the manner Fire doesn't suit you? You may always make another decision!

    The Zaaps Network is now shaky, the electricity used to transport the Douziens seems to be used by poor people, making disturbances in the Kontinuum that manifest themselves in the form of temporal anomalies at the World of Twelve. All these anomalies cause instability in the areas in which they are found, which makes the critters present in such regions more powerful. The goal of the Dofus players would be to close these anomalies when they occur. But it'll be required to pay attention and come accompanied, personalities of their Krosmoz are inhabited by animals known under the title of cheap Dofus Kamas Chronomorphs and guard these anomalies coming from other instances, past as future.

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