Kent Meet Up?

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by Jamie McPherson, May 27, 2014.

  1. I know Kent is quite a big area... So maybe a big ride around Kent? Meet up with more and more riders along the way?? :) That would be pretty cool if we could arrange that :) Would make sick pictures :p

  2. im in london kent boarder and more than happy to get involved if you're still up for it..!

  3. Yeah sounds good.. My only problems are that I'm only on a CBT so can't use motorways, and work :L

  4. Same here,

    where a bouts are you?

  5. Faversham, Kent... Lol, you??

  6. Orpington, Kent..

    bit of a trek mate!

  7. Find some more riders then?? Hahaaa

  8. Yeah im up for it :)

  9. I know this post is old but I'm ashford Kent if anyone's local(ish)

  10. Hi guys.. I'm Faversham/Canterbury area....sometimes in ashford and Folkestone. always up for a ride when I am free.

    Also I don't surpose any of you would swap your black rims for my blue ones ????
    My bro in law works at watling tyres so we could take a ride up there and get them changed over straight away.

  11. Me and a mate are riding out today from Ashford to Maidstone to look in some showrooms, then back to ashford, then out to Canterbury so he can learn the route for when he does his theory test next week. Then to the Honda garage in the A2 & finally back to ashford. IIf your around give me a shout

  12. I wont be able to today buddy due to work....I will inbox you my email address so we can keep in touch ect...

  13. Cool no probs.

    Was on the A2 at Canters attempting a top speed run on my WR when another biker came up behind me. I let him pass and he done a huge 70mph wheelie past me which was awesome!!! All in all a good trip!! Sorry the video quality isn't better.. (My friend was too far back..) haha!

    More footage to come but takes ages for my friend to sort it out

  14. Anyone in the the Medway area? ..

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