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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by radddogg, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. radddogg

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    So I've had the R125 for one day now and have twice had cars try it on at the lights. Neither were boy racer cars and one even continued over the central line half on the other side of the road - it got to the point that I backed off to let him pass as I wasn't going to get someone killed because of a rush of blood to the chipolata.

    Now this never ever happened on the DNA 50 so it got me thinking what could have caused the sudden change. The only thing I could think was that now I have to use L plates and the ones the shop fitted were so in your face that they must have been a shining beacon saying slow bike. Although the Gilera was only a 50cc it looked more or less like a normal bike to the average car driver and the absence of L plates may have further backed this up, hence no knobheads trying it on.

    So I have made my first 'modification'.


    The original L plate was hanging off the rear numberplate and very in your face.

    Do you think the 5-0's will be bothered?

  2. I don't think the police will take to kindly to this as there not on full display , I know there's a 3 points on your licence for each l plate missing not sure if they could use the same thing for displaying incorrect , maybe ask a copper what they think ? As at the end of the day it will come down to the sort of day he's having as to what your punishment would be, nice colour by the way
  3. Codemonkey

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    Nope, suspect you're gonna get shafted for that if plod sees it. I seem to recall you're supposed to mount them as close to vertical as possible. Letting other people see the L's is a good thing, it informs other road users that you may be inexperienced. If you want to get rid of them, pass your test.
  4. radddogg

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    I've been riding 50s on and off for ten years without L plates. So if I keep retaking my CBT for 10 years then I would be inexperienced?

    You take a driving test to prove you can control a car and you know the laws of the road. So by having a car licence and passing CBT then surely you have done the same for a bike?
  5. Codemonkey

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    I didn't say you were inexperienced, I said the L plates let other road users know that you MAY be inexperienced.

    Any fool could pass a CBT, the number of ped riding chavs proves that, its not even a test. You might have been riding on a CBT for 10 years but that's not to say the standard of your riding would allow you to sail through a test. Since its cheaper to pass MOD1 & 2 than re-take a CBT, why not just take the test and lose the L's!

    I've had a full car license and been driving for 20 years so i've got a pretty good idea of the rules of the road, I've also passed the bike theory test recently, and I'm still happy to display L's on the bike until I pass a test. I'm also happy to see other road users with them since it gives me a hint to give them a bit extra space in case they do something a bit unpredictable.

    I don't know if you have a full license of any form, but if you don't, remember now 6 points within 2 years of getting one, and its a ban and you have to retake the test. 3 points per plate adds up quickly!

    Sorry, don't quite know what you're getting at there.

    If you have a car license, it proves you can control a car adequately. Getting a CBT on top of that does not necessarily mean your bike control is anything to shout about!
  6. YZFDanR125

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    To break this down fella the l plate is not in view of other road users the only person to see that is if you were to run someone down which I highly doubt that's the purpose of it ;) just kidding mate! But in fairness dude I'd just wack it back on the number plate or risk and see what mr plod says fella but.. However it is 3 point per l plate as my close friend found out not so long back fella..
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  7. mrsnezbit

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    Everyone is correct mate if there not fully visible its just as good as not displayin em, believe or not if you modilfy the l-plate (make it smaller, cut out the white spacing etc) you can be procecuted for that.

    Everyone who wheres l-plates knows poeple think 'oh, leaner? must get passed as they will deffo hold me up'. Just have to grin an bare it mate
  8. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    May I just point out that first and foremost, there has been a ten fold increase in the number of inept, stupid, brainless and generally dumb to a fault, drivers on the road. They will act exactly the same way, regardless of IF you are on an R125 or an R1. Perplexingly, everybody (well most) generally steer well clear of Peds. :shock:

    Now you're on a bike that apes rather accurately, that super duper machine that a certain Valentino "The Doctor" Rossi, used to ride. Yes it does, to the untrained eye. These Bozzo's (Clowns for the uninitiated), behind the wheels of their noddy cars, really can't tell the difference between an R1, R6 or an R125. :roll:
    So, the next thing is to cut you up out of spite!!
    Do you really know how many Bikes and Peds there are out there with L plates on them? Way too many, for them to be really thought of as "Learners".

    Example: Every Pizza Delivery Moped has a BIG FAT "L" stuck on the box on the back of it.
    Have you seen these dudes ride? I mean, REALLY RIDE? Learners? Don't make me laugh!! I got overtaken on the A406 today in my car, by several bikes with "L" plates, all going like Bats out of hell. Nobody tried cutting them up. And I was 2 - 3 miles over the speed limit too :shock:

    Having an L plate on a Bike does not mean you are slow. It means you don't have a FULL Bikers Licence. Can't carry passengers, are not allowed on Motorways.
    I see C.B.T. based Bikers riding their bikes like they stole it, every day - "L" Plates in plain view. That plate is NOT the problem.
    Au contraire, it is the hundreds of thousands of morons of the least kind, who have somehow, managed to get behind the wheel of a car while clearly, really being candidates for the local loony bin (where they belong), and then drive with all the aplomb of an itchy Orangutan (or demented Baboon if you will) on an Acid trip.
    Well, DUH...!! When we have to share the road with such unsavoury Weevils like these, is it any wonder that we end up having heart stopping moments everyday? :roll:

    So, to recap....You're NOT paranoid. And yes, they ARE out to get you, because they are MAD. CRAZY. DEMENTED. NUT JOBS. :evil:
    Watch out for them, ride defensively, because they will never go away :twisted:

    Ride safely everyone ;)

    DUNKIRK Member

    +5 Well said Firefly mate, and, may I say, totally spot on! :D

    You Rascally Rogue you!!!!
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  10. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    You wouldn't get done for that round my area! There is people with worse L's than that, and theres a kid with his number plate facing straight up, it's an enduro bike!
  11. mrsnezbit

    mrsnezbit Member

    Police who have their priorities in order wont no, they have more important things to deal with, but its classed as not being displayed properly
  12. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    So to be clear its basically how the copper is / and what action he wants too take.. as said if your that concerned pop too your local station and get old plod too check it out fella.
  13. Biggelo

    Biggelo Member

    As pointed out it's as bad as not having them on...

    You may well get away with it, a lot of officers won't know the deal, but it will piss off the traffic cops who do know what they're talking about.

    As Firefly said you're gonna get knob heads weather they see you're L plate or not, just because you're on a bike.

    If you were really ************ed off, and I don't condone this, just go without the L plate. It's the same penalty and wont stick out to a cop as much as a poorly place L plate, as said if Officers don't know their bikes they may not realise its a learner legal, if they do they may think you're on a restricted licence and not pull you to check. You could also attach the L plate, then rip it off so only the top is attached...this way it looks like it's blown off in the wind, you weren't to know as it's obvious it was previously attached and you'll go get a new one straight after they let you on your way.

    Again I don't condone it but it may be smarter and stick out less if a cop was to care about it.
  14. mrsnezbit

    mrsnezbit Member

    Wont riding withouth L-Plates invalidate your insurance??? Pretty sure it does like but not 100%
  15. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    Yup it does as your not riding in accordance with your licence nor your insurance
  16. mrsnezbit

    mrsnezbit Member

    Settled then, display yas L-Plates in accordance with your licence and they way law says you should display em. If someone knocks you of ya bike, your seriously injured and cant work for a month and ya bike is a write off ya insurance may not pay out a penny, not worth the risk
  17. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    Too right fella, not worth the risk nor points if the old plod hasn't had a good shift, as much as l's don't look attractive I suppose they serve a purpose no matter how exsperianced you / the rider is.. The choice is don't too you fella just friendly advice weather you take it is your choice.. But I think were it is will cause you more grief than good if you ask me buddy.

  18. You know the more I read of these forums the more I begin to think bikers (in the new era sense as opposed to the real bikers in Harley gangs of the past) have some kind of major issue that people are getting away with things they didn't I.e no l plates..

    People that took their bike test over 15 years ago didn't have all this rubbish and 30 years ago the examiner didn't even have a bike in the test..

    Today with the extortion of 600 pound plus its no real wonder people just can't afford to do it and whilst I agree that people with no road knowledge at all should have some kind of assessed training; I also think considering half the ************s around today are meant to have a full licence and still have no road sense at all that l plates really are badly over rated and the police obviously have nothing better to do if that's all they have to worry about..

    I've been driving now for over 15 years and 10 of those I've been covering around 70k plus a year I purchased a yzf r125 for a bit of freedom a year ago and did my cbt with a guy who was incredibly thorough, I know for a fact he asked most of the 16 year olds to come back purely because their road ability was terrible..

    The trainer said that it was ridiculous that they were on the road at all, because we had been driving for so many years (being myself and my step father) we were both far more aware albeit the bike control took a little while to get right..

    A year on and neither of us have ever used l plates and never been pulled over, some of my friends are in the police and I've spoke to them on various occasions regarding this topic and they didn't really show much interest in slapping me round the lug holes..

    There are many laws in this country that really are at times stupid like banning somebody without a licence from driving, err ? (doesn't really make any sense)

    Personally if your greatest crime is riding a little 125 without l plates I somehow doubt you'll be up on the wall of fame as a master criminal I mean the mobile phone law was meant to be a big thing and its really made no damn difference at all..

    My advice to the police is get a grip and start catching real criminals or start pulling over the real menaces to the roads like mums taking kids to school or stupid kids on mountain bikes and mopeds creating chaos around neighborhoods instead of sensible drivers on 125 bikes without l plates..

    As for the other bikers out there with big issues, take a look at the people standing on the corner selling the big issue magazines, they have more manners and you could probably well learn something from them.
  19. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Member

    I don't display L plates anymore since I passed my test which cost me about the same to do that as it would have to take a second CBT (Theory: £30ish, Mod1:£15ish, Mod2:£75ish). I didn't pay anything for training and took it on my own bike so it doesn't have to cost £600+. Sure, i'm limited to 33bhp for 2 years, but thats still double that of the R125 which is already capable of exceeding 70mph.

    Just bear in mind that should you encounter a police car with ANPR, you will be flagged up as being on a provisional license. Failure to display both L plates = 6 points. I'm guessing from the mileage you do you need a car for your job, 2 stops = loss of job i'm guessing. Quite a risk for the sake of vanity. Just cos you've not been stopped yet doesn't mean plod doesn't care, and since you're breaking the law, that makes you a "real criminal!" so they would be doing their job.
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  20. To be fair its not so much an ego thing as a bike looks stupid thing (to me) if I think it looks dumb I will just lose interest in it - no different to a girlfriend really :)

    But irrespective of my views I have got that bored of hearing it I have been looking at a xlc 500cc stealth quad which is fine to ride on a car licence I can take my girlfriend on the back and the cost isn't a huge difference to the yzf not only that but the power ratio is vastly higher and probably safer..

    the only difference is you can't zip through traffic but as we are highlighting legalitys you shouldn't be doing that on a bike anyway..
    I think the law itself regarding small bikes is ridiculously overdone but that's my opinion and I think its time for a trade in.

    All the best to the l plate fighters out there but the way its going if I were you I'd just buy a quad

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