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Discussion in 'Spain' started by gonzalo, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Hi im chalo from spain i was wondering if the leovince logo in the loevince exhaust was a sticker or a plate and how could u remove it
  2. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    If it is metal then its for the exhaust if not i wouldnt put it on the exhaust as through heat i would imagine it would just melt over time. Thanks
  3. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    the logo is a self adhesive aluminium plate which just sticks on. You can use something plastic like an old bank card to ift the edge and pull it off. Any sticky residue can be removed with some brake parts cleaner.

  4. ok thx do you think the leovince self adhesive aluminium plate could be painted over, if so what kind of paint would you need?
  5. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    you could use touch up paint, just rub it down a bit to get a key,just not too much down to the aluminium.
  6. Robotix

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    hya pintura anticalorica, que quieres hacer?
  7. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    you can view this project
    he just remove the sticker and paint the leovince exhaust to black high temperature paint.

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