London Meet To Ace Cafe !! 2014

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by Ryan321123, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys and girls would those situated in London like to do a meet in central London to Ace cafe some time soon. Interested, dates can be set
    Just wanted to get an idea of those interested as weather been good on some days ???
    there was one before and look cool and would like to do it again :)
    let us know people
    ride safe

  2. Im in buddy just waiting for my new bike ill probably get it around next week time...would be good if quite a few came
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  3. Nice, a new bike sounds good and yeah the more the better :)

  4. I could be down for this too. Bike needs a run. May go for a ride this evening if anyone fancies.

  5. Any idea of a date yet? These forums seem to be rather quiet. :(

  6. where abouts you situated c_kol ??

  7. I'm west end. W2, basically paddington station.

  8. have you got the new bike yet ????

  9. Not yet gonna go look at one tomorrow hopefully it will end well

  10. i bet it will

  11. got a new bike boys add me o whatsapp 07454224464 we have to go for a ride

  12. Congrats on the new bike. Mines having fuel pump replaced. Def up for a ride as soon as it's ready!!

  13. Yess of course
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  14. wanna do one towards end of august ???? meet at ace possibly
  15. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    I'm up for that

  16. Are people available 27th in the morning ???
  17. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    Maybe but that's a weekday... most people prefer the weekend.

  18. would be the 30th then Saturday morning ??
  19. Irish Al

    Irish Al Member

    Yeah sure, anybody else coming?

  20. yeah need numbers to make worth while ?????????????

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