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Discussion in 'Australia' started by Tyrone, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Guys Im getting R1 exhaust and putting it on mine becuase the current one is filthy. Im going to get a tail tidy aswell. Will this work? whats your opinions?
  2. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    R6 is more normal, as it's a similar mount.
    Why R1 exhaust, may I ask?

  3. it comes with r6, i love the double under barrel exhaust and found a place that does modifications in sydney that reakon if they cant buy the parts they will build them lol so it looks promising and love the look of the r1 exhaust. i also want to get a wider rear tire, any suggestions?
  4. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    You mean you want an underseat right.
    I thought you just meant the R1 exhaust where it is now.
    There's a couple on the site in the tail tidies section with underseat exhausts. Looks good if it's done right.
    Rear tyre can go to 140 with no problems, 150 with spacers. But it doesn't handle as well, say most of the guys who've done it!

  5. yeah but im actually buying an r1 exhaust of the r1 model and getting it installed. i bought a standard tail tidy off ebay for yamaha's and where would i go in sydney to get a bigger tire fitted 140??? mm

  6. is stock standard. make no difference 10 mm
  7. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    I don't know where you could go in Sydney, any bike shop would do it.
    a 140 rear would be fine though.

  8. Thanks buddy

  9. hi guys I Got my double under seat exhaust (R1) but need an extention tail pipe that is fitted to reach just under the seat, if you know of one that turns into a dual that would be great? anyone can help

  10. note: the diametre of the R1 Pipes connecting to the mufflers have a 55mm diameter with like a tightening bolts on them. the yzf diametre is about 40-45mm pipe so will need something to suit that
  11. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    sorry cannot help much but this sounds 'different' nice one! share us your pictures after you finished! Have a look on EBAY
  12. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Humm very good, i will keep my eyes on this Mod. lets hope this can be done.
    If you can after the R1 mod to R125 put some pictures.
    Thanks and good Luck.
  13. Killachipmunk

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    You're going to have to get it fabricated.
    Get a Y Link pipe from an actual R1 maybe?
    There's not going to be a ready made pipe that will fit our bike perfectly.

  14. where do i find one of those. is there a site to get components of the r1, my dad a ex plumber now hydraulic engineer is going to have a go at it but reckons just go to exhaust speacilist or fiter. ill put some picks up when its finnished
  15. Killachipmunk

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    I dunno mate, Ebay or something.
    You're not going to be able to buy pieces that will fit R1 exhausts onto the R125.
    It's not a normal thing to do, so the chances are that most of the things you need are gonna have to be fabricated instead.

  16. i thought that would be the case. ill get a quote on getting a piece made. be expensive though lol. thanks. i just got halo lights too. cant figure out the wiring though
  17. Killachipmunk

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    Can't help with those, never fitted any :p
    I think if you can get an R1 link pipe from Ebay then that makes the fabrication much easier, as you just need to join with a single pipe to the link.

  18. MY QUOTE:


    I don’t like to give firm quotes on custom work as it there is a fair amount of unknown until I get into it,

    I can give an estimate of about $1500 for all the work you’ve listed & this could go up to a few hundred dollars either way.

    I can let you know if it was going to go over the estimate if required.


    Ben Shaw

    Extreme Creations

    16/104 Old Pit************er Rd

    Brookvale NSW 2100

    Ph 61 2 99394878

  19. thats for exhaust, tail tidy, neons, halo lights
  20. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    That's insane amounts for a 125, but it's your bike :p

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