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Discussion in 'Off Topics' started by sixteenrider, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone!
    I wanted a nice and active forum to talk about my bike, and now I found one.
    I own a Yamaha MT 125, that is pretty much the same of the YZF-R 125. Same chassis, engine, eccetera, only the driving position and the look change.

    I'm 16 from Italy, I hope you won't write in a difficult English because otherwise I won't probably understand all the words.

    Nice to meet you :)
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  2. Welcome to the forum, and nice choise of bike :) The MT 125 looks great. I ride a wrx my self, but I want a MT 125 too. Maybe I get a MT 09 or 07 when I get older ;)

  3. hi nice to meet you :D

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