Norwich/norfolk Meet Ups!

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by Herr Ronin, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys and gals, if anyone is near the area and fancy doing meets/rides then let me know, I'll make a list of names in this thread for who's interested.

    I'll be riding this weekend if anyone is interested.

  2. Hi i see your around Norfolk do you no any one after a big one exhaust can its had the coin removed in after to swap it for standard can its to loud for me but still has baffle in lol its got a small bit of denting to the tip but that don't effect it any way

  3. Indeed I do, I myself will take it off your hands mate, add me on skype or give me your mobile number,.

    My skype: Herr-Ronin

  4. Do you have Facebook mate i don't skype sorry the can is good i just want standard one for it

  5. I do have Facebook mate, what's your name or send us a link.

  6. Georgehalfajobchambers is my Facebook name mate
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