Public Sector Strikes

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Cameron Fisher, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Fisher

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    Any of you in School / College / Work in the public sector?

    Will any of you be affected by this?
    I know that my College will be closed for the day.
  2. mrwhite

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    Of course your college will be closed for the day, as will your old school, as will my university, public transport should be off. The country should stop for 3 days and before you're allowed back onto the tube/bus/into college you should legally have to vote Labour in an impromptu general election and save the country before it's too ************ing late. Thatcher's not even ************ing dead yet and you all voted the ************ers back in. You should be ashamed.

    Here's something for those of you who don't like to sit with BBCNews24 on your TV all day in your room. I hope you don't mind us having only 108 fast-flying fighter jets in the near future. I know George Osbourne will. :) All this whilst we watch Iran publicly humiliate, ridicule and disrespect the global community with its nuclear testing. Don't even get started on the Koreas.
  3. Codemonkey

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    I doubt it will affect public transport much since most of it is privatised anyway and I doubt the public sector workers will get too much support from the majority of tax payers working in the private sector.

    For many years the public sector have had it easy, and whenever they want a pay rise, they just go on strike and the rest of us taxpayers end up paying more tax to fund it. Remember that, whenever they want more, WE have to provide it. Why should they get to reture early on a better pension than the majority working harder and longer in the private sector ? I'm with the government on this one, its about time things were made more equal. If the public sector workers don't like their working conditions, they can just do what everyone else has to do in that situation - either work harder & get promoted or go work elsewhere, but they won't cos they know how cushy their jobs are compared to the private sector.

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