R125 Cut Out When Riding And Wont Start! Help!!

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Harmdawg, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. im hoping you good people can point me in the right direction. i was happily riding along and 2008 model R125 engine just cut out. no warning lights on dash, all electrics working fine and tried to push start it but would not go.

    since recovery back home ive checked that the fuel pump is priming ok and that theres fuel in the pipe. theres also a spark from spark plug but replaced anyway just incase so thats all good. even put a bit of penetrating oil down where spark plug goes to try and get things moving but no luck. battery is fully charged since i drained it trying to get it started. there is however no engine oil showing on the dipstick (im ashamed of myself). i have drained what oil is left and theres no bits of metal in it but i dont know what else to check from here. any advice you can offer?

    bare in mind i have zero mechanical knowledge therefore very limited tools and dont have a compression tester or anything like that. ive been ok at pulling it all to bits so far and confident i can put it back together but not so confident about having to pull engine apart.

    any tips on what to try next would be greatly appreciated :)

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