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Discussion in 'For sale' started by motobum, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. motobum

    motobum Member

    For sale is my Daytona ECU, will suit R125 with airbox mods and aftermarket exhaust.
    Will give an extra 1,500 RPM over standard and better midrange and top end fueling.
    A genuine Yamaha Approved Racing Accessory, They recommend this ECU for closed circuit use, but will go just as well on the street. PLUG & PLAY, all pins are direct fit into YZF harness.
    Forget CO adjustment on standard ECU, this Daytona ECU is tuned for performance from the Factory. Better than any fuel controller on the market including the Malossie Force Commander and the Power Commander 2 & 3.

    150cc kit ? Well this ECU was made for it. Hot cam as well, this is what Daytona offer R15 riders as a performance upgrade. This is the only Daytona Unit I have come across, very Rare.

    Will post to UK and Europe, SE Asia.

    $350.00 AU
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  2. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    I have a K&N filter and a REMUS exhaust.

    So this is gonna do me well?
  3. motobum

    motobum Member

    Very well, K&N are good for sure and I can give you a modified airbox top that will make the K&N an even better match to the ECU.

    The history on this forum goes back a bit but at one time the search for a way to get more power out of our YZF's all pointed to changing the ECU or modifying the standard one. Well this ECU was the answer, but unavailable to anyone outside of India and then only when purchased with the whole R15 Daytona Upgrade Kit. This unit has a much better advance curve and better fueling(richer across the rev range) and fueling to match the extra 1,500 revs at the top, 1st, 2nd and third gear power lifts are normal, not wheelies but the wheel just lifting of the tar on hard acceleration and going forward very's good, if I were to stay with fuel injection, IMG_6935.jpg this would still be the ECU I'd use. And if I had a road going YZF R125 I'd grab one of these ASAP.
  4. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    What's the air box like?
  5. motobum

    motobum Member

    If you can imagine that it can still hold down a filter, but not be half there, that's close, I used it when my bike was on the road lets all the air in you need with no restriction but will still keep all the dirt and dust out. I will put up a picture this friday
  6. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Ah my air box had the lid cut off when I got my bike.

    I used it as it was while I had the stock Yamaha paper filter.

    But when I got my K&N I put a full lid on as the K&N let's more airflow through anyway.

    Only other problem with cutting the top off is water. It filters air fine, but water gets in easy too.
  7. motobum

    motobum Member

    Mines not cut off all the way but has a nice big hole in rear facing part about 3 inchs square, that's right about the water but only in the biggest piss down you'd ever see with this lid and if you consider actually where the lid sits in relation to the side panels etc, you'd get very little in anyway and if it's pissing down that hard, park it. I've raced in the rain with out any airbox and filter, water dosn't hurt that much unless it gets into the electrics;)
  8. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    So if I take this ECU, what else should I do to my bike?

    Could I just plug in and ride?
    Or do I need a 150cc kit or a race camshaft or anything else?

    Because I'm interested in buying if I can just plug into my 125cc setup with REMUS exhaust and K&N Air Filter.

    Perhaps I may get a camshaft to add to the engine, but keep it as a 125cc.
    Depends if changing the cam is worth it and will make a difference if its stays a 125cc.
  9. motobum

    motobum Member

    OK. this is the reason I'm offering it for sale, it will plug straight into a R125 loom, no hassle apart from some zip ties and with your modifications, In your case, with a free flowing exhaust and a K&N. IT works just great, Take the airbox mod with the ecu and it will work even better... how does a HP increase of 3 sound and and a heap of torque. A no brainer for me. Stock cam on R125 is good, copies of it are sold in Asia as performance cams, most performance cams for our type of motor are made for the big bore kits I have several cams here as well. No need for a change thou I recon, just use this ECU, it does it all. Stock ECU is set up to run the motor very lean so that it complies with the EURO standards, I ran the stock ECU at full co+ and it was still to lean, this ECU fixed it and made the bike very enjoyable to ride.
  10. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    PM'd. :)

  11. How much in £ and the airbox mod ?

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