Reliability On Long Runs?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Wuldier, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. i have not been on a bike in about 11 years! (Since i left the UK and moved to the USA)

    im coming back to the UK and want another 125! i used to have a Gilera DNA 125 and its reliability was something of a marvel! it never ever broke down and just kept on going! rode it from Ware herts up to cherry tree Norfolk and back with no problem at all! and went to Snowdonia in wales from Ware herts too, again no problem at all! cruised there and back at 70mph or little more at times!

    so i really love the look of the YZFR 125! but! would be be as good as the DNA for the LONG! runs?

    oh and it was chucking it down with rain pretty much all the way to wales lol!
  2. YammyShagger

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    The DNA is an automatic moped.
    The R125 is a geared sports bike.

    You cant compare them. :)

  3. that does not answer my question, and im sick of seeing people put down a good Vehicle just because its an automatic! the DNA is a great ride..

    and actually YES! when it comes to a question of Reliablity!!! you can compare ANYTHING Automotive!

    unless you are saying as the DNA is an auto, you cant compare its Reliability to the yamaha as the yammy sucks for Reliabilty?

    question is would you ride it on LONG ROAD trips like from london to scotland and back? i would on a DNA and be comfy doing it. AND! the DNA is not really any slower than the yammy.. maybe by a few miles per hour at most!
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    The DNA looks horrible and sounds horrible. :D

    And as for R125 reliability then yes it will travel round the world and back.

    There's a guy on here called Country boy who's been right across Europe etc.

    A fair few people have been thousands of miles on the R125 in one trip!

    So to answer you question, yes the R125 is super reliable. Its pretty much a bulletproof engine.

    Ps. Gilera DNA is still a nasty granny shopper. ;)

  5. lol, thats all i wanted! i wasnt after anyones opinion on the DNA :) dont need one! i know full well its an awesome bike but! didnt know what the R125 was like so thanks for clearing that up :)
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  6. he5ton

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    If your learner legal the Yamaha is best possible bike you can get...
    Either R125 or WR125...

    Personal choice TBH!!!!....i rock the R125!!!!!!!
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    You and me both! :cool:

  8. this for a 125 is a fab bike learner or otherwise ,and is brill when the traffic is heavy and at a stand still no waiting that really p----s off the car drivers .
  9. makz2008

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    the seating position of a yamaha R125 is not the most comfortable for long journeys, compared to other bikes which are not so leant over.
    it is possible to make long journeys yes why not, we have all done it... but just be aware of the fact that it is a balls crushing bike.
    The rider position is very weird as it is not a full on sportsbike leant over but almost there, very similar position to the SV650s. Once you get used to the position tho it all falls into place and gradually becomes comfortable.

    reliability wise, as long as you keep the bike serviced regularly, keep an eye on the oil and coolant levels aswell as the drive chain well lubricated and correct tension you have absolutley nothing to worry about! it will sit at 70mph comfortably the only issue being heavy winds or having to slow down it can take a small period of time to get back to that speed but for a 4stroke 125 it is the best in its class, simples. No 4stroke 125 will beat this bike with regards to reliability speed or agility...
    Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but the R125 is alot quicker than a Gilera DNA...
    Me and a friend put these two bikes to a contest, A completley stock unmodified yamaha R125 (with me riding) vs a completely stock Gilera DNA180cc
    • On the straight, the DNA was left not far behind but did not match the acceleration of the R125,
    • Going around the twisties again the R125 was quicker (this test has other factors to be considered such as rider ability although the guy riding the dna had been riding for 4 years at the time where i had only been riding for 6-7months)
    • On a A-B race the R125 won.
    this was a test against a DNA 180 not even a 125, so your claims are very far fetched mate. the only time i could believe that a DNA 125 would be faster or even match a yamaha R125 would be if the DNA was a 2stroke and heavily modded
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    Oh but Wuldier wont be having that.

    His automatic 125 DNA granny shopper is a beast! :D
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  11. he5ton

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    Yea any any1 sayaing any different can expect to lose in the road race he's setting up...
    #DNA125 tilidie....
  12. YammyShagger

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    Prepare to get smashed by the moped of doom...

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  13. he5ton

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    At least it won't get stolen...not even a crack head would be seen riding that...

    Not sure wot 2 sick or donate to the charity who owns
  14. makz2008

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    lol a gilera dna is good for what it is, its a cheap to buy, insure, tax and run moped with a big storage compartment. the tank is not actually a tank its the 'boot space'... they are extremely easy to work on and rebuild!

    good ped but unfortunatley not slightly close to the quality etc of a Yamaha R125
  15. Country boy

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    You can tour on the R125. End of story. It carried me from Holland to France and back to the UK. I changed the oil, but I need not have bothered, it was still pretty fresh after both halfs of the trip. It's not comfy, but if you wanted comfy, you'd go in the car.

    So yes, it's bullet proof. And you can tie lots of stuff to it (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, kit for a week), just don't expect to over take much on european motorways with it.
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  16. Joshg

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    i had the 125 version of this before my r125 ruined it lol crashed it aswell still survived was a little beast! I did blow it up withing 4 months ish sold for 300 quid!! was doing 25 miles a day ish
  17. Pimy Khetil

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    last year i rode my little r125 to Bodmin in Cornwall and i live in Portsmouth and had no troubles btw i was a learner when i did this so i had too use A roads and i have recently come back from the Lake District using a r6 "god rust its soul" and the r125 was by far more comfy than its big sister i know there is like 100s of miles difference between the trips but after 150miles on the r125 i wasnt aching but on the r6 i has stiff as a old person my pelvis was dust too. so to sum up get the r125 lol
  18. he5ton

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    My point exactly... You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter...#GileraDNA...S**T...

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