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  1. Rieju RS3 got fastest fourstroke 125 in the group test - R125 77.6 MPH , Kymco 68.5 mph, Honda CBR125 73.2 Rieju RS3 125LC 79.7 mph , only quicker was the 2 stroke aprilia at 84.1 (but soon to be changed for a fourstroke version)

  2. you missed the part where they said the suspension is crap

  3. In spain roads are generally loads smoother than UK, on smooth roads it worked great like a true race bike, but good old bumpy UK roads the rear shock needed tweaking which has been done already by the factory

  4. they also moaned that you can only start it with the side stand up, again factory are working on it so it should start in neutral only with stand down
  5. Mayoh x2

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    one word. Ugly. i meen come on! it looks like an aprillia has had sex with a skyjet and been painted on by a four year old its horrible! at one time id think hmm cheap go for it but after spending 1300 of my own hard earned cash on a skyjet (which i know are chinese not spanish) id never go with anything other than japanese now ( or italian )
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    anybody reckon you could get the carb set up working on a r125 or wr125? that would be best of both worlds? ;)
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    carbs are a ball ache, i had to scrap my old racing ped because it was too much effort jiggling carb around all of the time and at 16 70 quid is alot for a new carb. Fuel injection doesn't require much tinkering, yes if your bike doesn't start you cant eliminate a fuelling issue straight away like you can with a carb, but its less maintenence ad the throttle response is 10x better. back to the original question i suppose you could but it would take a lot of late nights and trial and error to even come close and perhaps a few broken engine components : (
  8. Beefy

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    oh ): not worth it then lol, so wish you could, I know carbs are a ************ to set up . . . (my derbi senda took me ages) but once they are they run sweet enough :) would love to see how the wrx performs with a carb :p

  9. I've got one of these. Middle aged, bought it as a re-introduction to bikes (from many years ago) to learn a little bit of bike craft before taking DAS course and getting a sports tourer. Really love it, and can't see the 'ugly' comments, at all. I think it looks fantastic and the extra £1000 for the Yamaha wasn't worth it for me personally, although I understand why it would be for other people.

    For me, the Rieju looks stunning and offers great agility, handling and braking, and a real opportunity to learn the art of motorcycling. It ain't fast, of course, but no 125 is in the greater context of things, however it offers realistically everything a sports replica 125cc should i.e light weight, the ability to corner, brake and change direction in a manner that the best of bikes can. All in all, very pleased, and will keep it when I buy a bigger bike.

    Interested in de-restricting it, perhaps ' Urban Biker' could offer advice on how to do this, and what power is available (33ps ?). An unequivocable fan.

    PS. Agree about starting the bike in neutral, with the stand down, if only to enable the engine to warm up whilst you put helmet and gloves on etc ? Being old skool, I would much rather let the motor warm up before riding away, although of course you can apply moderate revs for the first couple of miles.
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    Why does EVERYONE seem to think this bike is restricted?
    Unfortunately it isn't. Being a 4 stroke, that engine only puts out 15bhp.

    everyone: "so how fast does it go?"
    me: "well I have had about 84 out of it"
    everyone: "ah, well if you de-restrict it, you would go a lot faster im sure"
    me: "grrr... it isn't restricted, it only puts out 15bhp"
    everyone: "nah nah, it is!"
    me: " -.- "

    I have heard rumours of it putting out 22bhp with some serious modification.
    But only a very expensive 180cc big bore kit will give you any really noticeable boost.

    Motobum and a few others for example have done some mods which do slightly improve performance.
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    i get this quite often, too. and yeah, with a bore up, uprated jets, valves, cam, etc. you can nail more than 200% out of it.
  12. Fisher

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    But, that isn't the same as de-restricting. That is very close to changing the engine entirely :p

  13. Cameron,

    You're right. Not really thought about this in any depth but having done a little homework today it's clear that 125cc 4 strokes are generally not restricted, and essentially designed for the stock power they produce. Of course they will repond to some form of tuning, but as you say that is a different thing and if you're into the realms of cams/exhausts/valves etc then the costs could never add up, much better to buy a bigger bike. If you're 'legal' to ride a 25hp 125 then you're legal to ride a bigger bike anyway, if you take my point. Used to do a fair bit of 100cc karting, and jetting/exhaust length/venturi restrictors/airboxes/mixture etc had a significant effect, but 2 strokes are a different thing altogether of course, and different from a reliability point of view as well.

  14. Ride Magzine August massive group test ! RS3 Rieju gets 2nd place in performance 2nd only to the 2 stroke Aprilia and gets Best buy overall [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    i will never go anywhere near this. at all. no way. link as many reviews as you like, it won't happen. i'd rather buy a Skyjet GC125Y
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    Let me make it as clearly simple as things ever are and always have been since the dawn of trading between humans.

    You get what you pay for.

    Do people genuinely think a company can buy a top league engine (more expensive than making it yourself, Yamaha will make profit), then put top class brakes, chains, sprockets, forks, etc etc, and still manage to shave off £900, and STILL make a profit?

    The simple answer, is no. I am sure the engine has good reliability, it is afterall, a Yammy engine, however what is the warranty support for this bike? What is the maintenance like? Also, while the engine is usually the most costly part to fix if it breaks, this doesn't mean people are happy to buy new chain sets every 5,000 miles, or new clutch pedals, or break pedals. I don't want less quality metals and frames that will corrode quicker and easier, I don't want something that is going to rust to pieces.

    I personally think that yes, when buying a T-shirt, or a pair of trainers, going for named brands is stupid, because even if they are better quality, a Tescos shirt is £2, a designer shirt is £150, so I need to go through 75 shirts before I start paying more.

    When it comes to vehicles, both are a LOT of money, yes the Reiju is £900 cheaper, but if its dead with a load of rust on it, its £3299 more expensive than the Yammy, which holds its value amazingly well.

    When it comes to vehicles, yes, I pay for the name, because they are massively expensive, and maybe these machines are the next big thing from an underdog company, but I am happy to pay an extra £900 and know I have a full 2 year warranty support from a top league company. I am happy to pay an extra £900 knowing the bike definitely holds its value, and has long lasting ability if treated correctly.

    £900 for peace of mind that your vehicle is one of the best of its type, and is a fully supported product is personally, a bargain.

    As to derestriction, LOL, just get a 2nd hand Ninja 250 for £3700 ish, wish is the price of the Reiju + mods needed to get it to the same power, but heres the better part-the Ninjas engine is actually designed to give that power output, meaning less maintenance, and less low mileage engine death.

    And dont start prattling on about only a L plate rider. If you are derestricting a bike on a CBT then you are breaking the law, at least save your money and engine in the process and get a Ninja 250, or use the £400-500 you were going to use on new exhausts and mods to do your test, if your that interested in speed.
  17. Cal


    Rieju are bad for rust a bought a rs2 125 2010 off a guy yu want to have seen the rust on this thing it was really bad parts are murder to get a hold off and dealers for them haven't got a clue the feel of the thing was awfull av got a yam now worst buy ever thank feck a g rid of bit bucket of piss good we engine ybr and xt engine
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    Chiming in breifly to say I agree with all said.
    It's not a Yamah engine though, the R125 already uses a mass-produced independant block, the Minarelli 125 LC.

  19. is the same motor i reckon i traded in my 2009 wr 125x for one of the only rieju 125 pro compitition enduro bikes. still got my old second wr engine in the garage and i have compaired them both have same casting numbers the only difrence is (well only on the comp motor is the clutch basket is reinforced )
    i agree with some of what is said i would never get the mrt pro or any of the 50's they look cheap but the comp in my opinion is a diffrent story sprinkled with qualety components and good parts .
    will say this tho its the assembly quality that lets it down but if your comfi with a spenner dont let that stop you an hour or so double checking everything and making minor adjustments and its back on par with my old yammy :D if any one disagrees or is thinking of getting one get in touch and come and have a butchers.
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  20. Killachipmunk

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    It's definitely the same engine- good thing you've got that old block in your garage!
    Fancy changing out the bottom of the block so your Reiju says Yamaha on it? :p

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