S.e England Meet Up???

Discussion in 'Rideout / Meets' started by Greenreepawrx, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Greenreepawrx

    Greenreepawrx Member

    Any from farnborough way (reading) sort of way fancy meeting up having a ride

  2. Hay man I'm from Surrey I got a few matesc on yams hit me back a meet..
  3. Phelsumania

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    First sunny day of the year and this is what loomies looked like ( nothing compared to the middle of summer but still good). If your from the South east of England near reading you should deffo look it up, its always rammed with bikers (its the south's mini ace café) full of petrol heads and you will see some sexy bikes. They also serve awsome food http://www.loomies.co.uk/about.htm
    Also the stretch of main road its located on has some of the nicest biking roads I've ever seen in my life forking off of it. Most people hit a few of the b roads up come back to loonies for a cupper or food then hit up other b roads they ain't played on on that day yet. Absolutely amazing day out.[​IMG]

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