Sinnis Apache 125?

Discussion in 'Other Bikes Discussions' started by D-R125, Jul 5, 2012.

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    I'm looking at some Supermoto's along with the WR125X someone mentioned to me Apache 125 has anyone ever heard of these as I'm getting mixed comments e.g. cheap chineese crap and then loads of people saying its built solid and a bargain. Looking at the prices they go for I'm tempted. However What other 125 supermoto's are out their?

    PS: Ideally I would like to see the bike be able to cruise around 71-75mph range especially on A ROADS...
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    That would be me lol :) I was looking at the Pulse beforehand, as I had to wait ages to get my WGP.. I made a thread, LJP replied saying his mate had one and it rusted like hell. A lot of bad reviews for it to be honest, and there speed isn't good mate. Howver I did like the look of it but also Supposedly struggles to reach 70, I looked at a WR125x in dealer otherday they are haauuge!!

    Pulse Adrenaline 125/ Sinnis Apache 125 and they have another name I think. EXACT same bike. :) Would you class Duke 125 as a supermoto? It's mixed for me, not sure what else there is to be honest. I've seen a red & Yellow Suzuki 125 at college but unsure of the name

    But offroading is brilliant, occasionally do motocrossing with my friend which was my previous pic on KTM 150. But this is a racing bike, not typical dirt bike! :p

  3. Pulse Adrenaline 125/ Sinnis Apache 125 and there is superbyke rmr also lexmoto and others similar i think it is all in all there Chinese 5 speed box in them and push out like 10 bhp or some thing rubbish like that i too looked at these before i got a wr and decided it just wasn't as appealing as a wr , a couple of months in owning a wr i had seen a pulse adrenalin in a scrap yard with both yoke snapped clean in half which was pretty scary if i say so but hey they are probably a good first time bike for commuting if you don't thrash them
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