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  1. To add to my current catalog of issues, my petrol cap seems to be jammed shut and I cannot turn the key in the barrel.

    I'm assuming this is to do with when it dropped off the trailer, after I got the bike home in the kitchen I could hear what sounded like either air escaping or going into the tank. I've tried squirting some WD-40 on the barrel and key then trying again, but no results as of yet.

    I've seen on an R6 forum that a vacuum in the tank could create this issue also (this would make sense with the sounds I was hearing), the guy goes on to explain lifting the fuel tank off and removing the fuel tap to try and shift it from the inside. Is this possible on the R125?
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    slow down, its probably just your technique. There is a nack to opening your petrol tank. Just dont force it and snap your key.

  3. Aye the petrol fumes in the tank are flowing through the mechanism and making it seize up. Had the same problem. Open the small flap with the key and get some WD-40 in it, and do your best to bit-by-bit get the key in and take it out progressing to tryinbg to get it to turn. You'll get there with time and patience.

  4. Nice one lads, I used a straw on the end of the WD-40 then put the key half in and give it a good drink... working the key in and out, shaking it all about (slight wiggles left and right) did the job in the end.

    Good work, can fill it up with some nice premium juice now :D

    Thanks again.

  5. Good effort :)

    You should probably make a habit of giving it a squirt once in a while to keep it from happening again.

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