Successful performance mods?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by OzWizz, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I've had my r125 for about 6 months now and love it but it would be great if it didn't slow down up hills or into a head wind. Has anyone had any success with any mods that wont blow my warranty and give reasonable returns for the money. Ive looked into scorpion pipes but have heard they don't make much difference in performance. Should I get the double bubble to cut down on wind friction? Has anyone done any major upgrades (mellosi 150cc/ecu/exhaust kits?)

    If there are any r125 riders in Brisbane that want to go for a ride let me know!


  2. kevshek

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    i tried all manour of things on the yzf, from exhausts and filter to the power commander and nothing there gives you a good noticable gain. they will all help and benifit each other but the best mod ive done is the 150 cc kit.

    this will void youre warranty, unless youre slick and swap back your old kit when required.
    the benefit it much better increase in low and mid range upto about 9k rpm. it also makes 6th gear more cruiseable/useful. however, it does come with fueling issuse, myself and other have had to adjust the fuel, particularly on idle. apparently, the malossi 180 kit is worse for stalling on idle! this means if youre considering a 150 kit, be prepared to fork out for a power commander aswell, but it will allow you more scope for fine tuning your other mods. you dont need the newer pc5, a pc3 usb will do just fine, besides i have tried and tested maps for the 150 kit in pc3 map format.

    my advice, consider the 150 kit, but remember about the fueling. kit price is about 200 quid.

  3. Hey OzWizz

    I only just started riding my R125, honestly its only a lil 125, i'd be saving the money to put down a deposit on a 250cc or R6 when the time comes to trade the lil R125,

    In saying that though, it is a beautiful bike, i love mine to bits :mrgreen: i can see why you would want to spend the money on it.

    oh and btw, i live in toowoomba and i believe i am the only one in my area to own a R125!!

  4. Ok, note to self, STFU lol!!!

    i seriously now see what your talking about, i'm having trouble seeing myself without my 125 when i upgrade to a 600cc, might just have to have both oh dear :mrgreen:

    anyway, i think the only mods that can be put on the 125 are mostly cosmetic without maybey getting an ecu mod, but that is very expensive for little gain,

    i think on a 125 the motto "Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast" learn to be a better rider and speed is a by-product.

    maybey increasing the comp a TINY bit, its already really high, but add a fraction more and use some ethanol + Premium mixed fuel, add some more air with ram air induction and you might be able to get a noticable gain, dont forget to throw a new can on the back.

    you will need to get it dyno'ed but it can work, same theory works on cars =)

  5. getting compression increased next week and ports flowed, will let you know the result
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    high Guys, I've been a member for a while now but went off line for a time to get my other bike ready to race, but I also own a R125, possibly the first sold in Australia, and I have done a few mods to get a bit more go out of it, simple exhaust fix, air box mod, own tail tidy and Fuel control module, The fuel module is now for sale BTW. Bike goes well, is nice and "strong" at about 8,500 to 9,500 RPMs, a big improvement, as you could say that strong was never a term used in conjunction with describing the bikes power. But no matter what you do, the bike is handicapped with a 10,500 rev limiter, and that's about to be removed. Also a tooth dropped of the front sprocket lets the motor run into it power a bit easier and you don't lose anything of the top speed as most time you can't pull max rev's in top gear in stock form. Anyway cheers, I'm out of Sydney in the southern highlands. Jeff

  7. I want to make a significant difference to the width of my back tyre simply because of the look, Any infoirmation I need like best spacers, best tyres, best width, best brands. any one else done it?
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    try to upgrade the injector to 10 hole 165 cc cap/min sir.. no problems even on 200 cc with big valve head and 32 mm throttle body


  9. hello I live in brisbane mate the best way to get a power gain isnt really throught exhaust etc for 200 dollars you can get a stroker kit my 125 has been stroked out to 186 and i beat most 250 and i keep up with 450s
    and I wouldnt't mind meeting more owners from the forum
    if you are on facebook my name is Shannon Taylor

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