Sunrise Time-lapse - Gran Canaria

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  1. Hi All,

    Last week I was on holiday on the Gran Canaria and thought I would share this video of the sunrise over a heart shaped man made Island on the South Side of the Gran Canaria. If anyone has not been there before I would definitely recommend it, Weather there is great - No less than 24 degrees C all year round and the south of the island doesn't get any rain. This time-lapse Consists of 1,125 Photos taken in 10 second intervals. The photos in this time-lapse was taken at Anfi Del Mar from an 8th floor room at the front part of the resort(Puerto Anfi).

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  2. Arran North

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    Nicely done! :)

    I think the next one should have your bike in it ^^!

    (from dawn to dusk, somewhere impressive... it's a challenge haha!)

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