Wanted Exhaust & Tail Tidy.

Discussion in 'Wanted / Looking For' started by ian wastell, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Hi all new to the forum and just got my WR. In need of a after market exhaust and tail tidy if anyone has either for sale get in touch. Cash waiting.



  2. I have an evotech tail tidy I'm taking off my bike in next few days looking for £55 let me know

  3. Hi tom yeah I will have it. Is it all working fine and nothing broke on it?



  4. Sorry Ian just came to take it off and the monkey mechanic cut the wires for my old tail piece and I don't have time to redo them before I chop it I'm sorry mate

  5. What a t**t. Ok mate thanks for letting me know.


  6. I want to swap a big one can for standard on mate

  7. Hi mate yeah that sounds ok to me. Where you based?

  8. IM in Norfolk mate but can meet where are you mate

  9. I'm in Manchester lol. Think a meet is out of the question lol.

  10. We can post them tho if you want.

  11. Can do i don't no how much thatl cost lol bare with me mate i think dad going Tamworth way this week to pick something up so may be able to sort something out

  12. Ok no worries, just let me know

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