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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by kingkaz, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hello my names Kaz,

    Live is south london and had my R125 for almost a year now and have a few friends with them as well in all theres about 5 of us (another 3-4 with the rs... booo) just looking for a couple more riders any of you about?

    Also only mod ive got at the moment is the scorpion exaust, just wondered if anyone had anymore info on the 180 bore kit (anyone had it?)

    Let me Know...


  2. Hi

    I regularly ride around the heathrow area with 3-4 YZF's.

    Are you close to that side of london? I did drop you a PM aswell.

    add me to MSN if you have it. Tomas.rt@gmail.com
  3. diasilman

    diasilman Member

    hey mates

    wow its really cool to see several YZF riding together.
    why not try the genuine yamaha 150cc kit for your bike?
    check the market section of this site.

  4. Yer well i actually live in uxbridge durring the week i only back to south london in the weekends so im really close to heathrow, where abouts are you guys from? and have you had any mods on your bike?

    Also about the 150 kit, have you got it? or know anyone who has? just intrested in the change in top speed?


  5. Ahhh not too far at all then.

    Kaz, check your PMs as I've given you a few details.

  6. [​IMG]

    One of our meets, just 3 this time though :)

  7. hey guys, I'm from portugal but i would really like to go to england with my bike.. maybe in my hollydays :D

  8. Checked the PM, will look into what you said. Also went out this saturday 5 R125's 2 RS's A CBR125 a very old GXSR & an 09 daytona! will up load pix but ive got to say the new daytona is very appearling! really making me want to upgrade to a big bike!


  9. Alright fella's,

    Just joined up, i got mine about 2 months back and had some work done on it, would love to meet up for a ride with a few others, im in south london aswell, based in sidcup and about all the time, when you next meeting up/?

  10. hi, im new to here only just found a link to this site on youtube lol, im from scotland looking to travel with a group of other r125s or other bike types, iv had my midblack 58plate for a month now and would likto do a bit real riding, any offers????
  11. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    i live in slough i got a r125
    2of my other mates got them aswell
  12. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    i am down slough man i have 2 other mates with r125 we go oxford for ride out anyone around the area

  13. Hey poeple..

    My name is Sam, im from East London. Both my brothers ride one has a RC8 and the other a Harley...

    Taken me 4 years to convince them to let me ride - they said i was two dangorous for the roads :lol:

    Got a 2008 R125 with 2000 Miles in yellow.

    Bike is standard apart from the Tail Tidy! I would like more power but havent read up on how its possible...if its possible!
  14. yamyzfr125

    yamyzfr125 Member

    hi guy's i live in maidenhead and i have a r125 any rideouts soon

  15. Hey everyone i'm Keysa, i just joined the forum and noticed a few of you guys ride pretty close to where i live, i'm in southall near the heathrow area. i aint got my r125 yet but am pretty close to gettin it and would deffo want to ride with you guys, plus i wana learn what i can about the bike, any info/tips about the bike or riding with you guys would be apreciated

  16. Hi ppl

    I just put a deposit down for a brand new one can wait for 1st March. :D

    got a choice of colours think its between the blue and black

    what do you think?
  17. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    Hmmm, let's see?
    If you want to be dark and mysterious, like, um, say, The Batman, then go for the YZF-R125 2010 Black scheme.
    It just so happens there's an R1 with the same colour scheme. Guaranteed to turn heads and have other bikers drooling shamelessly :lol:
    Otherwise, if you want to blend in, go for the blue scheme. It's very good too, but the black one really has me swooning each time I see it.
    I actually have a yellow and black one. Rare 2008 colour. Love it.

  18. Hi people!

    Got a derestricted black r125 with Leo vince exhaust and no baffle! sounds amazing! any1 ride near west london or heathrow or something? Let me know or drop me a line... sham_is@hotmail.co.uk

  19. hey guys im in lewisham south london and im seeing r125's everywhere i look!!
    anyone on here maybe?? got the little gang coming along nicely lol cbr125,ybr125,xt125,wr125 r and x
  20. jeboy

    jeboy Member

    i wonder where they are now?

    maybe moved on to their r6's? :cool:

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