Yamaha Yzf R-125 Wont Start

Discussion in 'Yamaha R125 News' started by Matas Čivis, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,
    So i have a problem with my bike.
    It wont start it is trying but wont turn over. ( added the video tryed useing the clutch and the gas but nothing, push starting doesnt help either ).

    The bike is a 2008 with 45k km. almost 46k. Im not the first owner so i dont know if fuel pump or injector was replaced at all. The only mod is the levers thats it everything else is stock.
    The exhaust gasket is bad also and is leaking but i dont think thats the problem if it is please let me know.

    It has been overheating a couple of times but thats it. I was riding one day stopped and the rpms dropped to around 1 i gave a little gas thought it would fix the rpms but the bike turned off and wouldnt start. I even let it sit in the garage for a day thinking it has overheated or something but it still has the same problem. If anyone knows how to fix it please help.
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