Yzf R125 With Amplified Stereo

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Hosa85, Jun 5, 2012.

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  2. what is that song on the first video! ive just ordered my dwg speakers, :D
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  3. Killachipmunk

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    Sounds like Skrillex to me...
    I think it's Bangarang.
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  4. jamesyR125

    jamesyR125 Member

    Yeah it's bangarang :)

  5. how loud is it cus sometimes loud music in car, bike whatever can get you pulled over

  6. Yeah it's bangarang by skrillex and the other clip is earthquake by labrinth

  7. I have
    had no issue the cops are more intersted in checking it out , one asked for a ride sometime
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  8. Yeah it's a top product I have photos to upload tonight of mounting position of speakers

  9. i have placed photos in my blog of the mounting position
  10. AKV


    That is some awesome gadgetry...love it. Quick question though...how much am I looking to spend, if I wanted the same sort of set up on my r125 and I have no DIY skills whatsoever so I am relying on some auto centre to do it for me please...thanks a lot.

  11. when i installed the system allowing time to remove the fairings and drill the mounting holes i think it took me around a 1 & 1/2 hrs
    from start to finish

    there is really no DIY skills needed accept to mount the speakers

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